Your next option in your project

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Your next option in your project is building the plant in China, but exporting the product back to the U.S. for sale.

Construct a table in Excel and calculate the NPV of a plant in China that exports product to the U.S. market. Start with your NPV spreadsheets from the last two weeks, and add the following adjustments:

1. The current exchange rate is that used in Week-3/1 USD.

2. Transportation from your China plant to the U.S. is $1/UNIT

3. The current tariff on apparel imports is 15% of value

4. The finished goods are transferred into the U.S. at a value of 50% over variable cost

5. Assume the discount rate, tax rate and depreciation are taken as the U.S. project in Week-2

Calculate the following:

• Project NPV in USD

• Project NPV if the exchange rate changes by +/-20%, and by +/-70%