You are given ALERT

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You are given ALERT IIS immunization records for any child who was born in 2016 and received at least one immunization from L

ittle City Pediatrics (LCP). ALERT IIS records are based on what providers report, and in this case haven’t been cleaned up by ALERT IIS staff.

Little City Pediatrics is the only source of immunizations in rural Lonely County, Oregon.

The nearest other immunization providers are outside of Lonely County, in Serow City (3 hour drive) and Daunrodo (4 hour drive)

Little City Pediatrics is under-staffed and very busy; their data entry and attention to immunization detail may need help.

There were 8 children born in 2016 to residents of Lonely County

For this scenario, assume a child is up to date for:

a. measles if they have 1 or more valid MMR doses;

b. pertussis if they have 3 or more valid DTaP doses.


MMR = Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine- valid only if given on 1st birthday or after

DTaP = Diptheria/Tetanus/accellular Pertussis vaccine- due at 2/4/6 months of age; not valid if given before 42 days of age


Please give a short answer to each of the following:


What percentage of Lonely County children born in 2016 are:

1. up to date for measles

2. up to date for pertussis

3. up to date for both measles and pertussis


If you only had Little City Pediatrics’ data, what percentage of Lonely County’s 2016 birth-cohort would you see as up to date for measles?Q3:

Using all of the data, what is Little City Pediatrics’ up to date rate among their active patients?


Discuss what you see in this data as sources of uncertainty for calculating rates for Little City Pediatrics or Lonely County.

Data file is attached.