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1. What medium did Andrew Wyeth use to paint Christina’s World?
A. Oils
B. Watercolors
C. Ink
D. Tempera paint
2. Why are paintings from medieval times more generic, lacking individual qualities?
A. Painters copied from each other.
B. Virtually all medieval paintings were produced by monks.
C. Painters copied from pattern books.
D. The Church frowned upon individualism.
3. Neoclassicism as an artistic style sought to emphasize
A. asymmetry and ornamentation.
B. order and rationality.
C. grandeur and exuberance.
D. tension and drama.
4. The pyramids of the Mayans were used as
A. government seats.
B. royal dwellings.
C. tombs.
D. religious sites.
5. Many of Hans Holbein’s religious paintings were destroyed in the name of the Protestant movement
known as
A. Papism.
B. Monotheism.
C. Iconoclasm.
D. Agnosticism.
6. ________ shapes are representational shapes that have been simplified.
A. Organic
B. Geometric
C. Nonrepresentational
D. Abstract
7. Which one of the following types of balance is less restrictive and more dynamic than the others?
A. Asymmetrical balance
B. Radial balance
C. Symmetrical balance
D. Bilateral balance
8. What artistic development is characterized by unique compositions, S-like shapes, elegance, and a lack
of emotion?
A. Baroque
B. Modernism
C. Rococo
D. Mannerism
9. Throughout the Renaissance, the _______ was used in paintings as a structural innovation that used
geometric underpinning.
A. base line
B. foursquare theorem
C. horizon line
D. figure triangle
10. Another name for serigraphy is
A. silkscreen printing.
B. etching.
C. metal printmaking.
D. wood engraving.
11. Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?
A. Willem de Kooning
B. Franz Kline
C. Jackson Pollock
D. Mark Rothko
12. _______ is the opposite of relief printmaking.
A. Etching
B. Intaglio
C. Metal printmaking
D. Wood engraving
13. _______ vaults were used to construct the nave of the Church of Sainte-Madeleine in Vézelay in
France in the twelfth century.
A. Barrel
B. Ribbed
C. Pointed
D. Groin
14. _______ was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and remained missing for two years.
A. Venus de Milo
B. Raft of the Medusa
C. Mona Lisa
D. Liberty Leading the People
15. What was one of the most significant achievements of Albrecht Dürer?
A. He created the art form known as installation sculpture.
B. He raised commonplace objects in his subjects of fine art.
C. He wrote treatises on painting, perspective, and human proportions.
D. He made printmaking a fine art form.
16. This artist represents the purist method of Impressionism.
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
B. Vincent van Gogh
C. Claude Monet
D. Édouard Manet
17. _______ began his career as an illustrator, but later became a political cartoonist.
A. Honoré Daumier
B. Marc Chagall
C. Jean-François Millet
D. Gustave Courbet
18. The conversion of the English to Christianity began a rich period of artistic production in England,
especially in the creation of
A. secular mosaics.
B. ecclesiastical treatises.
C. illuminated manuscripts.
D. Gothic cathedrals.
19. To define a picture plane, a two-dimensional artist must establish
A. the borders of the artwork.
B. the figure-ground effect.
C. specific atmospheric perspective.
D. a vanishing point and horizon.
20. Which one of the following photographers was a documentary photographer during the Depression?
A. Sandy Skogland
B. Man Ray
C. Alfred Stieglitz
D. Dorothea Lange
21. What group promotes the rights of women artists?
A. Postmodernists
B. National Endowment of the Arts
C. Abstract Expressionists
D. Guerrilla Girls
22. _______ has the most medieval stained glass windows.
A. Italy
B. England
C. France
D. China
23. Why did Americans use wood more than any other material for building?
A. Wood offered the strongest structure.
B. Builders didn’t want to wait months for imported stone.
C. The forests provided a boundless supply.
D. Artisans preferred the natural look of the wood.
24. Which one of the following artists was known to use art as a way of reliving the past?
A. Pablo Picasso
B. Jackson Pollock
C. Willem de Kooning
D. Marc Chagall
25. In 325 A.D., Constantine the Great made a declaration that caused a significant change in the daily life
of many Romans. What was the declaration?
A. Travel was possible anywhere within the Empire.
B. Christianity was made the official state religion.
C. Aristocratic privileges would be abolished.
D. Gladiatorial games would be reinstated.
26. The French photographer _______ was fascinated by airplanes and fast cars.
A. Jacques-Henri Lartigue
B. Alfred Stieglitz
C. Hannah Höch
D. Henri Cartier-Bresson
27. The capital of an Ionic column is adorned with a/an
A. adobe.
B. cage.
C. volute.
D. barrel vault.
28. Byzantine art is a combination of Christian symbolism and _______ style.
A. Egyptian
B. French
C. Roman
D. Greek
29. The ratio for ideal proportions is also called the
A. Golden Triangle.
B. Golden Mean.
C. Symmetrical Balance.
D. Atmospheric Perspective.