With how many differed volumes

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1: With how many differed volumes should you determine the density of the liquid in this experiment?
2: You can get the true value of the density of the liquid you use in this experiment from the ___.
3: A student forgot to zero out the balance before weighing his beaker and got a value that was actually too high. When he weighed the beaker with the liquid in it, however, he remembered to zero and got an accurate value for this weighing. Will the vale he gets for the weight of the liquid be high, low, or unchanged?
4: If the same student then subsequently measures his liquid volume accurately, will his density result be high or low or unchanged?
5: If a student determines the density of a substance to be 1.80 g/ml, but the actual density is known to be 2.000 g/ml, what is his percent error?
6: A graduated cylinder originally contained 17.2ml of water. An object weighing 14.1g was then submerged in the water and the new reading was 21.1ml. The balance can be read to +- 0.1g and the cylinder to +- 0.2ml. Which measurement is the less precise?
7: What is the density of the object in question 6?