Which of these scientists

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Which of these scientists is responsible for coining the term radioactivity and is also the only person to receive two noble prizes in science?

Which type of radioactive emission has the highest ionizing power?
Beta particle
Alpha particle
Gamma rays

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A radioactive decay series will continue until ________.
the substance disintegrates into nothing but radioactive decay particles.
a stable nucleus is produced.
the same number of alpha and beta emissions have taken place.
none of the above

Nitrogen-13 has a half-life of 10 minutes. How much of a 16 mg sample would remain after 30 minutes?
0.5 mg
1 mg
2 mg
4 mg
8 mg

Which of these two scientists built the first nuclear reactor?
Einstein and Rutherford
Hahn and Strassmann
Curie and Becquerel
Meitner and Fermi
Fermi and Szilard

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A reaction which absorbs heat from the surroundings is known as a(n) ____.
heat capacity
exothermic reaction
endothermic reaction
enthalpy reaction
combustion reaction

Which of the following is incorrect regarding photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide is a reactant.
Oxygen is a product.
The process is exothermic.
Water is a reactant.

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How many Calories are released from a burning nut which releases 15,600 J of heat?
3.73 Cal
15.6 J
65.2 Cal
269 Cal
3.7 × 10^3 Cal

Which of these does not involve an increase in the random motion of a system?
Burning log
Freezing water
Exploding bomb
Hot skillet
Helium escaping from a balloon

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred is known as the ____.
1st law of thermodynamics
2nd law of thermodynamics
3rd law of thermodynamics
law of heat conservation
law of entropy conservation

The normal body temperature is 98.6°F. What is the temperature in Kelvin?
23 K
37 K
119 K
177 K
310. K