Which function

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1. Which function should be used to display a value based on a comparison?

2. What feature of Excel allows you to automatically calculate common formulas with selected data?
A. Conditional Formatting
B. Custom Sort
C. Quick Analysis
D. Orientation

3. Most editing commands in Word, such as cut, copy, and paste, can be found on which tab?
A. Insert
B. File
C. Design
D. Home

4. The data selected to create a chart must include
A. blank rows and columns.
B. column titles and row labels.
C. formatted cells.
D. formulas.

5. When you see ##### in a cell, you should
A. decrease the cell height.
B. increase the cell width.
C. decrease the cell width.
D. increase the cell height.

6. How do you know when a spreadsheet object is active in a Word document?
A. The Word icon in the taskbar is selected.
B. The Ribbon is minimized.
C. The Office Clipboard task pane is open.
D. The Excel Formula bar is displayed.

7. How could you insert a new row between rows 20 and 21?
A. Right-click a cell in row 20, and then click Insert.
B. Right-click a cell in row 21, and then click Insert.
C. Right-click row 20’s row number, and then click Insert.
D. Right-click row 21’s row number, and then click Insert.

8. When a chart is inserted into a Word document, it displays
A. a new Word document.
B. default data.
C. an Excel workbook.
D. an embedded Excel worksheet.

9. What does it mean when #DIV/0! is displayed and a green triangle is added to the upper-left corner of a cell?
A. The formula cannot be calculated because there is an error.
B. The formula can be calculated but there is an error.
C. The formula needs to be re-entered.
D. The Error Checking feature is disabled.

10. If you want to include a long explanation about data in an Excel worksheet, what type of object can you use in the sheet?
A. Chart
B. Word
C. Text Box
D. Spreadsheet

11. _______ allows you to convert text to a graphic element.
A. Shapes
B. SmartArt
C. WordArt
D. Clip art

12. To copy and paste from an Excel workbook to a Word document, you must first
A. display the destination file.
B. click Paste.
C. click Copy.
D. display the source file.

13. _______ data updates in your destination document if there are changes to the source data.
A. Embedded
B. Field
C. Linked
D. Integrated

14. Use the Crop tool on an image to
A. rotate the image 90° to the right.
B. remove unwanted areas from the image.
C. enlarge the image.
D. reposition the image.

15. Which font style would compete with a cell border?
A. Italic
B. Bold italic
C. Bold
D. Underline

16. If you enter 234.567 into a cell that is formatted to display 1 decimal place, what is the value stored in the cell?
A. 234.567
B. 234.6
C. 234.5
D. 234.0

17. When you enter a formula into a cell, the results of that calculation displays in the cell. How do you view the formula in the cell after entering it?
A. Click the cell and enter the equals sign.
B. Press Ctrl+Home.
C. Click the cell and view the contents of the Formula bar.
D. Press Ctrl+~.

18. Click/press _______ to remove the most recently typed text.
A. Esc
B. Redo
C. Delete
D. Undo

19. To illustrate a point in a Word document with a simple chart, what commands should you select?
A. Chart Type > Insert Chart
B. Insert Chart > Chart Type
C. Chart > Chart Type
D. Chart Type > Chart

20. A _______ refers to the entire Excel file.
A. spreadsheet
B. workbook
C. worksheet
D. sheet