The selection

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The selection from Policing a free society has six sections, as follows:
1. Directing Police Agencies through the Political Process
2. The Basic System and the Problems It Presents
3. Various Administrative Arrangements for Achieving Accountability
4. Emergence of Police Autonomy as a Virtue
5. Recent Developments Pointing to Inadequacies in the Present System
6. Essential Elements for Achieving Greater Accountability
For this assignment you must write the one main idea in each section of the reading. Section titles are useful clues for determining what is the main idea in a section. If there are several ideas in a section, choose the one which is the most important. Limit this exercise to ideas which explain why something happened or why something is so. For this exercise do not look for ideas which are comparisons or ideas which are mental inventions. Stick to ideas which explain something.
Each idea should be stated in just one sentence. It is more likely to be an “idea” if the word “because” appears around the middle of the sentence.
Part B:
1.What were two of Goldstein’s specific recommendations for making police more suitable for a democratic society?
2. According to Goldstein, what is the proper role of politics in policing, and what is an improper role?
All papers must be formatted in the APA citation method. Students will use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for written assignments, as appropriate.
2-3 paragraphs each .