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In this assignment, you will be modifying the ‘mfs’ (minix file system).

I-‐nodes in the Minix file system contain 3 times – time of file content modification, time of last access, and time that the i-‐node information has been last changed. There is no file creation time stored in the i-‐node. Modify Minix to change the meaning of the ‘last change in i-‐node information’ time to ‘file creation time’. In places in Minix where only the ‘last change in i-‐node information’ changes, make that change reflected in the file modification time. Verify your changes by creating a file, noting the creation time, then modifying the file contents and/or the i-‐node information and checking these various times, assuring that the file creation time does not change (the ‘ls’ command has the options necessary to check each of these times).