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The questions are about exploring Shakespeare . 1. Korea nearly immediately falls in love with. A. Hero B. Beatrice C. The post-war praise D. His reflection in the mirror. 2. Why does Leonardo and Antonio tell hero Don Pedro is in love with her. A. He believes that hero is actually in love with Benedict and wants her to be prepared . B. He knows that hero is unable to make decisions for herself and we’ll need this help. C. He refuses to give her hand to Don Pedro and wants to warn her to go talk to him. D. He wants to give her time to prepare an answer should Don Pedro approach her at the dance. 3. Shakespeare implied a belief that_____ is a higher art form then plays. A. The novel B. Song C. Poetry D.the short story 4. Shakespeare plays with the title Much Ado I’m out nothing in puns to mean. A. Deception and love B. Nothing and eavesdropping C. Nothing and love D. Eavesdropping and deception 5. Beatrice describes Benedict in the following way. “He where’s his faith but as the fashion of his hat; if even changes with the next block” This is examples of which literary device. A. Irony B.Hyperbole
C. Smile D. Metaphor 6. Beatrice and benedick speak in prose ,Which is unusual since there . A serious B.aristocray C. Comedians D.related 7. How does the way Benedict and Beatrice speak to each other demonstrate their feelings for each other? A. They’re mean spirited towards each other revealing their hatred for each other? B. They playful and saw each other leading the reader to infer that they are actually love each other. C. They’re different towards each other drawing on there families feud. D, they treat each other with care each afraid to offend the other. 8. Thoughts the first two scenes of the play the tone is. A. Mischievous and playful B. Married but cautious. C Dark and Stormy. D. Angry and morose. 9. Unlike Antonio’s man Borachio. A.eavsdrops and learns correct information. untrustworthy C. Enjoys eavesdropping D. Doesn’t care to determine whether what he hears is true. 10. In which line of scene lll are done John’s true feelings about Claudia revealed A. That young start-up half all the glory of my overthrow: if I can cross him anyway I bless myself every way” B. There is no measure in the occasion that breeds; therefore the sadness is without limit” C. I am trusted with a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I have degreed not to sing in the cage. D. I had rather be a cranker in a hedge than a rose and a Grace 11. Why is Don Jon so miserable. A. Enjoys being miserable C. He believes that no one likes him C. He is naturally that way D. He is obsessed by Don Pedro. 12. When Don John says he would ” rather be a cranked in a hedge than a rose in his grace; “He speaks about himself using which type of figurative language? A. Sarcasm B. Smile C.metaphor D. Personification. 13. Which of the following describes how Don Jon operates in act 1. A. He says that he is mischievous but really is a teacher’s pet. B. He says that he’s a villain but is actually a hero. C. He pretended to be remorseful but actually seeks revenge. D. He pretends to be gloomy but is happy instead. 14. What the premise of Much Ado about nothing ? A. Leonardo is busily preparing his home for his daughter’s wedding B. Soldiers recount their time in the city before leaving for war. C soldiers returning from war it’s the governor of Messina. D. Don Jon schemes how to overthrow his brother Don Pedro. 15. In act 1 scene 1 Leonardo tells Don Jon: ….. being reconciled to the prince your brother I owe you all Duty. The use of the word reconciled, from the Latin re”again”+concilliare ” bring together,” is iconic because. A. The conflicts between Don Pedro and Don Jon hasn’t truly been resolved B it’s unlikely that Don Pedro will ever forgive Don Jon. C. Ward-brodt Don Pedro and Don John together. D. Don Jon has forgiven Don Pedro but not vice versa. 16. Don Jon says of Claudio . ” this may prove food to/ my displeasure That young startup have all the glory of my / overthrow: if I can cross him anyway I bless myself every day” his tone is one of A. light-hearted mischief B. Intense indifference. C. Fond remembrance D.ruinous anger 17. At the beginning of Much Ado about Nothing , what’s Beatrice relationship to Benedict ? A.Suitor B. Enemy C. Former lover D.Cousin 18. In Much Ado about nothing reality isn’t as influential as . A. Perception B.rivalry C.truth. D. experience. 19. Read the following expert from Much Ado About Nothing. Be hold/ how like/A maid/ she blush/ as here” this is an example of. A iambic pentamerter. B. A quatrain C. Prose D. blank verse. 20. Don Pedro hates his brother for all the following that