Sentencing guidelines

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The _______ court is the federal court of original jurisdiction.
A. district
B. magistrate
C. circuit
D. appellate

Sentencing guidelines are developed by sentencing commissions comprised of
A. both criminal justice professionals and private citizens.
B. police and court personnel.
C. legislators and appellate courts.
D. private citizens, including victims and advocacy groups

Second opinion] . Selecting judges according to the Missouri Plan means judges are nominated and then
A. elected.
B. appointed.
C. recommended by the governor for election.
D. appointed and finally subject to election.

In sentencing, what is dead time?
A. Jail time not deducted from the sentence
B. The time of execution
C. The time between sentencing and execution
D. The time between conviction and sentencing

n a/an _______ system the judge questions the witnesses at trial.
A. informal
B. adversarial
C. inquisitorial
D. expedited

Which of the following statements regarding the purpose of the oil filter bypass valve is true?
A. It keeps oil from draining out of the filter when the engine is off and the pressure is zero.
B. It allows oil to bypass the oil filter when the oil is hot.
C. It allows oil to go around the filter element.
D. It keeps dirty oil from lubricating the engine.

Glow plugs should have high resistance when _______ and lower resistance when _______.
A. wet, dry
B. cold, warm
C. dry, wet
D. warm, cold

In a port fuel-injected engine, shorter runners yield
A. minimum high-RPM power.
B. increased low-RPM power.
C. minimum low-RPM power.
D. increased high-RPM power.

Two types of superchargers include
A. turbine and piston.
B. double- and single-acting
C. roots-type and centrifugal.
D. rotary and reciprocating.

Technician A says that changing connecting rod length changes engine stroke, but Technician B says that doing so changes the position of the piston in the cylinder. Who is correct?
A. Both Technicians A and B
B. Technician A
C. Technician B
D. Neither Technician A nor B

Technician A says that many oil pumps are driven directly off the front of the crankshaft. Technician B says that others are driven from the distributor if the engine uses a distributor-type ignition system. Which one is correct?
A. Both Technicians A and B
B. Technician A
C. Technician B
D. Neither Technician A nor B

An older engine that uses flat-bot***** *****fters should have an adequate amount/number of _______ in its oil or oil-additive.
A. diesters
B. viscosity
C. polyalpholefin (POA)
D. ZDDP (zinc)

using a voltmeter to check coolant, you measure a reading of 0.2 volt with the engine off. You then measure a reading of 0.8 volt with the engine running and all electrical accessories turned on. Technician A says that the coolant should be flushed to solve the galvanic activity. Technician B says that the ground wires and connections should be inspected and repaired to solve the electrolysis problem. Who is correct?
A. Both Technicians A and B
B. Neither Technician A nor B
C. Technician B
D. Technician A

An npn transistor has a base current IB = 3 μA and an emitter current IE = 1 mA, has a dc beta (βDC) of________.
Beta = IE/IB -1 = 1000/3 -1 = 332

Retiring partner A is to receive $120,000 for his partnership interest spread over a 4-year period and paid in installments of $30,000 per year. If A’s basis is $64,000 and the payments are considered to be Section 736 payments, how much must A report in Year 2 if no election is made?

A 2 word instruction is stored in a memory at the address denoted by ‘W’. The address field of an instruction is denoted by ‘Y'(store at the position Y=W+1) the operand used during the execution of instruction is store at an address denoted by ‘Z’. The index register contains the value ‘X’ state ‘Z’ is calculated from other address if the addressing mode of instruction is: