Rock N Bands

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Your company, Planners ‘R Us, specializes in effectively managing projects. Previous
experience has involved conference management systems, commercial construction, and
software development projects.
A new, intriguing project offers another opportunity to apply your project management expertise.
The university you just graduated from wishes to put together a music festival, “Rock’n Bands”. This will feature a number of top music groups, and should attract interest from students, local residents, and music fans throughout the region.
Your company has met with University officials to develop a list of activities required to make Rock’n Bands a reality. The list on Page 2 includes twelve activities as well as their durations and immediate predecessors.
Planners ‘R Us has agreed to complete the project in 10 weeks (finishing two weeks before the Festival), and wants to minimize the costs associated with the project. All tasks A-K must be completed in 10 weeks. You have four (4) workers, although you do not need to use all of them every week – there are other tasks they can do in your company.
For bookkeeping purposes, your company will charge $200 per week for each worker that you use. If you happen to need an additional worker, there is one (1) available, but that person would then not get their other work done; thus, you will be charged $300 per week for the additional worker. In addition, if the project is “late”, there will be complications during the last two weeks before the Festival, costing Planners ‘R Us $2000 per week due to a serious loss of goodwill and plenty of negative publicity.