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10. Which of the following was an advantage held by the Patriots during the Revolutionary War?
A. Well trained and supplied troops
B. A larger population
C. Skilled military leader
D. Large manufacturing capacity
11. In what way did British leaders misunderstand the Revolutionary War?
A. They thought they had to win only on the battlefield when it was a war to win the hearts and minds of the colonists.
B. They respected Patriot military power and were careful as a result.
C. They thought they had to win only the good will of the people while they ignored military strategy.
D. They avoided hiring foreign solders to help with the war, worried that such soldiers would hurt the reputation of the British.
12. Which of the following was one of the drivers of European exploration in the 1400s and 1500s?
A. Europeans were driven out of Europe by aggressive Muslim empires.
B. Europeans sought new trade routes to eastern Asia.
C. Europeans were in a race against African countries to colonize the world.
13. African slaves were brought to the English colonies to meet the demand for
A. soldiers brought about by wars with France and Spain.
B. soldiers brought about by wars with Native Americans.
C. labor brought about by large-scale mining operations.
D. labor brought about by large-scale farming.14. What crop allowed the early English colony of Virginia to become profitable and survive?
A. Cotton
B. Wheat
C. Tobacco
D. Corn15. What natural advantage did the kingdoms of West Africa have?
A. An abundance of fertile soil for cash crops
B. Larger-than-average people who made good soldiers
C. An abundance of natural resources including salt and gold
D. Large mountains that protected the kingdom from invasion16. The document that established the separation of the colonies and Britain, highlighted natural rights all men held, and listed grievances against the king was the
A. Magna Carta.
B. Constitution.
C. Bill of Rights.
D. Declaration of Independence.17. Which of the following best describes Spain’s treatment of the Native Americans?
A. Native Americans were encouraged to migrate to Spain to help boost the economy in Europe.
B. Native Americans were treated poorly and forced to work for Spanish business operations.
C. Native Americans were paid very little to work on farms and mines.
D. Native Americans were allowed to keep their own customs as long as they worked for Spanish colonists.
18. The French helped the Patriot war effort by
A. providing a navy and military support.
B. going to war against hostile Native American groups.
C. keeping Spain out of the war.
D. attacking the main island of Britain to distract British forces.
19. Why did the Puritans leave England for America?
A. The Puritans were driven from their homes in England by starvation and disease.
B. The Puritans sought the freedom to practice their religion as they wanted.
C. The Puritans were looking for a passage to China.
D. The Puritans hoped to make money by selling tobacco.20. Why did French colonies have trouble attracting new French colonists?
A. The cost of a boat ride to the colonies was too expensive for French people.
B. Potential colonists didn’t want to do the hard work of clearing land and feared Native American raids.
C. The French colonies didn’t have enough land to handle a large population.
D. French people were needed at home in France to fight wars in Europe.