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1.People who smoke any kind of cigarette are at ___________ of developing lung cancer than people who do not smoke.
a. much lower risk
b. much greater risk
c. very little risk
d. no risk
2. Large cigars contain________ grams of nicotine compared to small cigars that contain about 1 gram of tobacco.
a. 10 to 15
b. 1 to 5
c. 5 to 20
d. 15 to 20
3. Among the 250 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least ________
can cause cancer.
a. 69
b. 59
c. 49
d. 79
4. In keeping busy, a person who  is trying to quit smoking should_________
a. stay in the company of his or her friends who smoke
b.go places where smoking isn’t allowed
c. keep cigarettes wih him or her, just in case
d. all of the above
5. Inhaling secondhand smoke__________lung cancer in nonsmoking adults
a. can in fact cause
b. cannot cause
c. should not
d. all of the above
6. A typical smoker will take_______ on a cigarette over a period of 5 minutes that the cigarette is lit.
a. 1 puff
b. 5 puffs
c. 10 puffs
d. 15 puffs
7. A person can speak and /or correspond with a cessation counselor
a. telephone
b. text
c. instant messaging
d. all of the above
8. Secondhand smoke is also referred to as _________
a. environmental tobacco smoke
b. involuntary smoking
c. passive smoking
d. all of the above
9. Smokeless tobacco causes________
a. oral cancer
b. esophageal cancer
c. pancreatic cancer
d. all of the above
10. People who are taking medication to stop smoking should stick with it for a
a. 2 weeks
b. 6 weeks
c. 12 weeks
d. 20 weeks
11. Tobacco use kills approximately________Amercians each year?
a. 440,000
b. 340,000
c. 540,000
d. 640,000
12. Cessation medications found to be effective for treating tobacco dependence include__________.
a. behavioral therapy
b. stopping with a friend
c. joining a support group
d. nicoine patch
13. Cigarette features that reduce the yield of machine-measured tar such as, in light cigarettes, also reduce the yield of nicotine. Because smokers crave nicotine , they may,__________
a. Inhaling less deeply, take smaller, quicker, or less frequent puffs
b. inhale the same as if they were smoking a regular cigarette
c. Inhale more deeply; take larger,more rapid, or more frequent puffs
d. none of the above
14. There is no safe level of tobacco use. People who use any type of tobacco product should be urged to __________
a. share tobacco with friends
b. quit
c. replace smoking with drinking
d. all of the above
15. _____________secondhand smoke can be harmful
a. lower levels
b. high levels
c. moderate levels
d. all of the above
16. A person who smokes about 1.5 cigarettes daily gets_________ ” hits”
of nicotine to the brain each day.
a. 100
b. 200
c. 300
17. What are the three types of cigars that are sold in the U.S.?
a. large cigars, cigarillos, little cigars
b. gaint cigars, cigar minis, small cigars
c. large cigars, cigar minis, little cigars
d. gaint cigars, cigar miniatures, small cigars
18._________ dependence is the most common form of chemical dependence
in the United States.
a. alcohol
b. tobacco
c. nicotine
19. Of the more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least________
known to be harmful.
a. 150
b. 350
c. 250
d. 50
20. What are the long- term benefits of smoking cessation?
a. decreased risk of stroke
b. decreased risk of lung and other cancers
c. decreased risk of coronary heart disease
d. all of the above