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For your final deliverable must combine all of the previous milestones adjusted per any feedback. Add your comparative analysis of each option and make your final recommendation.

1. Investment Options comparison referring to each NPV analysis

2. Recommendation on Investment with financial rationale

Your final recommendation is your rationalized decision on where to build and where to ship and sell the product. Your decision rationale must be based on project financial performance.


In the corporate world, when you are assigned to complete a business case analysis, a marketing or business plan, follow these basic rules:

1. Always keep in mind, “…who your reader is”. In all cases, the reader will be your firm’s internal management team and may include the Board of Directors/Advisors and Banker. An exception would be a business plan which will also be read by potential outside investors or shareholders.

2. Your content must relate…eliminate non-essential or peripheral information that does not have a direct bearing on the firm’s given project or strategy.

3. Distill your analysis down into concise packages of information that your reader can quickly assimilate and understand. Your reader does not want to read volumes of extra information to locate items relevant to the firm’s project criteria…it is your job to compress information into the “need to know” content that quickly and easily communicates to your reader.

4. Include simple tables for visual comparisons of your “bot***** *****ne” outcomes/assessments of project options or scenarios.

5. Use Excel charts/graphs to illustrate relevant historical data and any data trends.

6. Provide “in-text” citations so your reader can drill further into your source material if desired.

7. Proof read your work product to assure it is free of:

a. Redundant information

b. Unclear communication

c. Confusion created by mixing unrelated information under a single heading

d. Grammar errors

e. Spelling errors

8. use a standard outline and purpose familiar to your reader as follows:

Element Purpose for reader Tips

Executive Summary Briefly tell reader what you are going to tell them Should not exceed one page and only gives highlights

Body elements Convey subject specific information/tell the reader what you want them to hear, i.e. what you are recommending and why… your rationale Keep concise, include “in-text” references tied to list of Resources

Summary & Conclusion or Recommendation Briefly tell reader what you told them in the body, and tell them what you have concluded Should not exceed 2-3 pages and must be very concise…”just the facts, nothing else”