Philosophy Teaching

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Write a personal “Philosophy of Teaching” reflecting your beliefs about teaching CTE or AE. This paper should be brief enough for you to use in a job interview or to answer a job application question. Questions to ponder that might be helpful: What do you believe about teaching your subject area? What is your subject area’s overall relevance to the educational system? What do you believe about teaching and learning in general? What do you want your students to learn about your subject matter through your teaching? What do you want your students to gain when they leave your class?———
2. using page 4 of the Web Resources list, select two professional organizations for Career Technical or Adult Educators that you might join to become a member. Write a paper describing the following:
1) What are the purpose and functions of each organization? 2) What advantages do you see in becoming a member of each of these organizations? 3) What types of training or networking opportunities does each of them provide? 4) How does each of these organizations fit into your personal growth plan for developing as a Career Technical or Adult Educator? 5) What is the annual cost for being a member?