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Examination Number 350729RR The Language…
Examination Number
350729RR The Language of Art1. Picasso’s First Communion is an example of
A. representational art.
B. abstract art.
C. sculpture.
D. tapestry work.
2. Iconoclasm means the ________ of images based on religious beliefs.
A. contemplation
B. creation
C. destruction
. _______ aims to slow the inevitable effects of time by keeping works of art in the safest possible condition.
A. Conservation
B. Linear perspective
C. Isolation
D. Isometric perspective
4. The most recent theory involving the Chauvet cave paintings is
that they were
A. created accidentally.
B. made strictly for pleasure.
C. painted by children.
D. painted as rituals conducted by shamans.
5. Balance is a visual weight that
A. refers to the visual “heaviness” or “lightness” in a work of art.
B. makes the subject matter of an artwork look very large.
C. dominates a composition to the point where that’s all you can see.
D. helps the two-dimensional artwork hang on the wall.
6. The use of simultaneous contrast means that
A. tints are added to a color.
B. intense complementary colors are placed side by side.
C. secondary colors are mixed together.
D. only primary colors are used.
7. A color lighter than the hue’s normal value is called
A. achromatic.
B. tint.
C. shade.
D. chroma.
8. Although Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture began around 1500, it wasn’t formalized until the
A. twenty-first century.
B. death of Monet.
C. eighteenth century.
D. creation of the Mona Lisa.
9. What’s a space presented as a work of art that can be entered, explored, experienced, and reflected upon?
A. Chiaroscuro
B. Scale
C. Happening
D. Installation
10. A picture plane is best described as
A. something used only in three-dimensional art projects.
B. a space for art that’s installed hanging in the air.
C. a literal surface for two-dimensional creations.
D. something used only in architecture.
11. Art criticism involves which four main elements?
A. Looking, creating, editing, and analyzing
B. Looking, thinking, wondering, and believing
C. Reading, studying, discussing, and believing
D. Describing, analyzing, interpreting, and deciding
12. Your textbook Living with Art claims that _______ is the most famous work of Western Art in the world.
A. Mona Lisa
B. the Creation of Adam
C. Starry Night
D. the Scream
13. Recent research has confirmed that Stonehenge originally was a
A. royal graveyard.
B. religious temple.
C. war monument.
D. palace.
14. “Iconography” is best described as
A. writing about artwork.
B. identifying, describing, and interpreting subject matter in art.
C. organizing a collection of images by style.
D. discovering and cataloging artifacts.
15. Tara Donovan’s Untitled (Mylar) uses which medium?
A. Oil
B. Feathers
C. Photographs
D. Hot glue
16. Maya Lin created the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
A. as a place for remembrance and contemplation.
B. to tell people what to think about the war.
C. to express her distaste for the war.
D. to create an abstract work that offers an opinion on American history.
17. Vanitas paintings meditate on the
A. fleeting nature of earthly life and happiness.
B. importance of holding on to happiness.
C. vanity of the artist.
D. vanity of the viewer.
18. Which of the following best describes the term “shape?”
A. A form that’s always abstract
B. A three-dimensional form that occupies a volume of space
C. A two-dimensional form with identifiable boundaries
D. A form that’s always implied
19. “Style” in art helps to
A. keep valuable works of art protected.
B. predict future trends in art.
C. teach artists specific techniques.
D. categorize art.
20. When artists use implied texture, they
A. create a flat but believable texture with their media.
B. use black, white, and shades of gray.
C. apply actual textures to their artwork.
D. use broad areas of color to create interest.