Multicausal Models

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Discussion topic 1 : Models of Addiction Etiology
Your Readings this week include a discussion of various models for understanding the etiology of addiction: The Moral Model, Psychological Models, Family Models, Disease Models, Biological Models, Sociocultural Models, and Multicausal Models.
Select any two of these models and define each of them. Following your academic discussion of the two models, compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses as you perceive them.
Finally, discuss which of the models you find to be most contributory to successful addiction treatment and recovery. Tell us why you have selected this model and defend your choice.

Discussion Topic 2
Professional Responsibilities
The National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counseling (NAADAC) suggests twelve principles that assure the ethical behavior of addiction counselors. Select one of these principles and discuss their implications for professional practice on the part of the addiction counselor. Include an example of positive and negative applications of the principle and consider how such consequences, both positive and negative, may influence the outcome of the counselor’s relationship with the client.
Philosophical Foundations
Addictions counseling embraces a unique philosophical perspective toward helping its specific client population. In this week’s reading assignment, you are presented with seven concepts that philosophically direct your work as psychology professionals.
Which of these seven philosophical constructs might you expect to most actively incorporate into your work with addiction clients? Explain your choice and give examples of how you might apply such behaviors into your work with clients. Can successful counseling outcomes be expected if such a construct were not to be achieved?

Discussion Topic 3
Video Discussion
In the Video Discussion Board for this unit, please share a video you have located from an outside resource, such as from the MyCounselingLab available with your text or from an internet search for videos, which includes an illustration of the addiction challenges you have considered during your first two units of study.
Discuss the content of the video you have chosen in your initial post. Include your personal observations of its applicability to the topic.
Please be sure to include the URL for the video so that your fellow learners may easily locate and watch the video you have selected. It is important that each learner selects a unique video that has not been previously posted.
Also post a minimum of one positive response to a fellow learner’s post.

Chapter 1: “History and Etiological Models of Addiction”
Chapter 2: “Substance Addictions”
Chapter 3: “Process Addictions”
Chapter 4: “Important Professional issues in Addictions Counseling
Chapter 5: “Introduction to Assessment”