Motivational Interviewing

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Your active participation in the weekly Discussions is important to the shared learning experience. Active Discussions will also develop your community of budding psychology professionals. Please participate as early in the week as possible, and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas as often as you can throughout the unit.
Respond to the topics below. Your original response should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the assigned readings for the week. Remember, this is your chance to illustrate not only your understanding, but also your mastery of the materials for the unit. Use your words wisely so the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Limit the use of direct quotes, and do your best to critically evaluate and synthesize the literature in your own words wherever possible. Make sure to include in-text citations and a reference list as appropriate.


Motivational Interviewing
The early relationship that is formed between the client and the addictions counselor may often determine the outcome of the counseling relationship and the client’s ability to successfully overcome the addictive behaviors.
Define and discuss motivational interviewing techniques as they may be applied early in the change process. Give examples of how such techniques may be applied to individual clients and what potentially positive and negative outcomes may be expected. How might motivational interviewing techniques be applied when the client starts to resist such change? How might the role of the counselor change under such circumstances?
Psychotherapeutic Approaches
Select any two therapeutic approaches presented in Chapter 8. Discuss the specific orientations of the two selected therapeutic approaches in your initial post. You will find outside research of credible journal articles contributory to your Discussion. As always, all reference sources must be cited following APA standards.
Next, compare the strengths and weakness of the two therapeutic orientations and consider how they might be best applied to addiction client populations.

Case Study: William
The case study of William is presented in Chapter 9. Following your careful consideration of this case study, discuss and evaluate the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning processes demonstrated by this case study. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the counselor’s work with William? What might you do differently in order to more appropriately and successfully treat this client? What would you expect William’s early behavioral and emotional responses to this treatment plan to be? What do you see as William’s long-term goals and how might his counselor contribute to reaching them?
Specific Pharmacotherapies
Select any one of the specific pharmacotherapies presented in Chapter 11. Using the Library, research the therapeutic approach you have selected using either the PsychArticles or PsychInfo websites under electronic articles on the library home page.
Further discuss the therapeutic approach you examined and present additional information about its content, application, and effectiveness as a treatment option for addictions client populations. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this treatment option? For which specific client populations might it be expected to be most effective?
You must include APA citations and references for the information you have examined in your research.

Video Discussion
In the Video Discussion Board for this unit, please share a video you have located from an outside resource, such as from the MyCounselingLab available with your text or from an internet search for videos, which includes an illustration of the addiction challenges you have considered during your first two units of study.
Discuss the content of the video you have chosen in your initial post. Include your personal observations of its applicability to the topic.
Please be sure to include the URL for the video so that your fellow learners may easily locate and watch the video you have selected. It is important that each learner selects a unique video that has not been previously posted.
Also post a minimum of one positive response to a fellow learner’s post.
Video Discussion must use a video that is at least 10 minutes long.