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1. A single pair of notes played repeatedly in succession is known as a/an
A. a capella.
B. hee haw.
C. sotto voce.
D. drone bass.

2. _______ exemplifies the best elements of nineteenth-century Italian opera.
A. Rigoletto
B. La Traviata
C. Pagliacci
D. La Boheme

3. Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s “Union: Concert Paraphrase on National Airs” was written for
A. string quartet.
B. piano.
C. chamber orchestra.
D. orchestra.

4. A mazurka is a Polish folk dance written in which of the following meters?
A. Half
B. Double
C. Quarter
D. Triple

5. In Verdi’s La Traviata, Violetta sings _______ when unsure of herself.
A. in recitative
B. a virtuoso
C. in a lower key
D. an aria

6. Ravi Shankar is known for his mastery of the 18-stringed lute called the
A. ragar.
B. table.
C. jhala tar.
D. sitar.

7. The first American-born piano virtuoso to achieve international fame was
A. Dvořák.
B. Schumann.
C. Wagner.
D. Gottschalk.

8. The styles of singing in Wagner and Verdi operas differ. Jane says that the style of singing in a Verdi
opera is virtuosic and elaborate. Lynn says that the style of singing in a Wagner opera is more syllabic.
Who is correct in describing the different styles of singing?
A. Only Lynn is correct.
B. Both Jane and Lynn are correct.
C. Only Jane is correct.
D. Neither Jane nor Lynn is correct.

9. Wagner drew on _______ for his opera The Ring of the Nibelungs.
A. Roman mythology
B. northern European mythology
C. Greek mythology
D. religious dogma

10. The third movement of Dvořák’s “String Quartet in F Major” contains a light-hearted passage in a fast
tempo and in triple meter called a
A. scherzo.
B. variation.
C. rondo.
D. prelude.

11. The _______ measures musical time using a pendulum.
A. intermezzo
B. metronome
C. timbrephone
D. lyre

12. In response to the outbreak of the Civil War, which composer wrote a solo piano piece that
incorporated the “Star Spangled Banner,” “Hail Columbia,” and “Yankee Doodle” into the work?
A. Mendelssohn
B. Gottschalk
C. Dvořák
D. Brahms

13. To show his intense national pride, _______ wrote a large number of mazurkas.
A. Shankar
B. Dvořák
C. Verdi
D. Chopin
14. The various melodies heard in Dvořák’s “String Quartet in F Major” have a/an _______ quality.
A. folk-like
B. Bach-like
C. operetta
D. jazz-like

15. In opera, a brief musical phrase or idea connected to some person, event, or idea is known as a/an
A. ode.
B. leitmotif.
C. overture.
D. exposition.

16. Which one of the following musical notations allows performers to improvise slightly with the rhythm?
A. Moderato
B. Allegretto
C. Rubato
D. Sostenuto

17. A raga solo always begins with the sounding of tones in _______ motion.
A. descending
B. atonal
C. octaval
D. ascending

18. Which composer is thought to epitomize Romanticism?
A. Gottschalk
B. Chopin
C. Dvořák
D. Schumann

19. Why was Richard Wagner considered the most progressive composer of his day?
A. He used the tala pulses in his orchestrations.
B. He advanced the harmonic idiom of music into new, exciting realms.
C. He combined choral music and orchestral music.
D. He introduced the libretto to the opera.
End of exam

20. Which of the following composers helped the United States establish its own musical sound by drawing
on cultural idioms?
A. Wagner
B. Dvořák
C. Brahms
D. Verdi