Missing Supplies

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The Case of the Missing Supplies
You have been conducting a routine audit of the various accounts in the company. You noticed that over the past three months the amount of money spent on office and lab supplies has tripled. Given that you have not added staff or initiated any new products, this fact is surprising. Supplies are ordered by work group, which tend to have 10 to 15 employees. Thus, each group is responsible for maintaining a supply cabinet with office supplies and lab supplies, if appropriate. When supplies are low, the group orders what is necessary. When you do a bit of research, you discover that two groups have increased their usage by 150% while a third work group, who is part of the production group has increased usage by 250%.Be Responsible
Choose an OptionSelect one option to implement within your Division:
-Institute a policy where each work group has a budget for supplies which can only be increased by approval of the CFO or designee. Thus, each group would be responsible for managing its own budget.
-Do not make any change in company policy, but send an intranet message to all employees that the supply use is up and asking them to be careful about the use.
-Institute a policy where each person has to sign each time that office or lab supplies are taken from the cabinet.
-Do not make any change in company policy but talk to the leads of the work groups which have the problems and see if they can figure out what is going on in their group.Explain Your DecisionNow, write an inter-office memo which explains your decision to your colleagues. As you write the inter-office memo, please consider your audience. The purpose of the memo is to inform your colleagues of your decision and the reasons for your choice. The memo should be between 400-600 words long. Write the memo so that other team members can see the ethical problem, know what your decision was, and understand the rationale for your decision.