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Case Project 7 – Needs to go with the image I attached. I am lost would like to know how and why to do it.
Complete the Case Project – Jackson High School on pages 600-1. At Jackson High School, this year, three students are running for senior class president: Tyler Tompkins, Kate Gonzo, and John Chang. Create an application that keeps track of the voting. Save the voting information in a sequential access file that contains one line with the candidate number for each vote. The application should display the number of votes per candidate. use the following names for the solution and project, respectively: Jackson Solution and Jackson Project. Name your vote data file votes.txt. Change the form file’s name to Main Form.vb. You can either create your own interface or create the one in shown in figure 11-49. Test your application. For your final submission, delete the votes.txt file. Then run your program and vote for, in order, John three times, Kate two times, and Tyler once. Click the Exit button. Launch your program again and click the Display button – you should see the correct number of votes for each candidate.