Instructional strategy

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Select an instructional strategy to use for an oral history presentation of a well-known historical figure.
Overarching Social Studies Instructional Strategies:
Community Building,
Creating Classroom Rules,
Developing Multiple Perspectives,
Concepts: Development and Attainment
Media Literacy
Discovery Learning
Inquiry Learning
Graphic Organizers
Historical Source Work
The presentation should integrate visual arts.
Select a grade 5-8 level for this assignment. Create a learning target for your students, and then develop the instruction incorporating learning centers for gathering research.
Submit the theme, the learning target(s), the national or state standard the target(s) aligns to, and a detailed description of the instructional plan in 250-500 words.
After viewing the Closed or Open video, write a 750-1,000 word essay that suggests questions the teacher could have asked to enhance students’ communication skills. Provide specific examples from the video.
use the repeat, rephrase, and reduce communication skills to define your suggestions. Incorporate the open and closed skills to differentiate between two examples using repeat, rephrase, and reduce questioning.
Analyze how drafting essential questions before a lesson promotes students’ communication skills. Cite at least three scholarly resources.