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  1. A researcher conducts a survey of students randomly selected from Introduction to Psychology classes at State University. The researcher then attempts to generalize these findings to all college students. In this example, the target population is:
    A. All psychology students
    B. Cannot be determined given the information available
    C. All college students at State University
    D. All college students
    E. All psychology students at State University
    2. A spurious relationship between two variables is:
    A. False
    B. Compensatory
    C. Valid
    D. Causal
    E. Reliable
    3. Cluster sampling is a form of non-probability sampling.
    4. A scale is an index in which different items are given different weights.
    5. Nominal and ordinal level closed-ended questions must be mutually exclusive and exhaustive.
    6. Samples of individuals who use social media such as Facebook are representative of the whole population.
    7. The larger the sample, the more confidence we can have in the sample’s representativeness.
    8. The ordinal level of measurement has the highest mathematical precision.
    9. Which of the following is an example of a variable measured at the interval level of measurement?
    A. Age in years
    B. Income in dollars
    C. Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
    D. Acres of land planted in food crops
    E. None of the above are measured at the interval level
    10. When conducting a survey, researchers may often create two versions of the questionnaire. They may vary the order of the questions or slight wording of the questions. They then divide the sample into two equal sub-samples and administer each version. When surveys are collected, answers on the two different questionnaires are compared to determine:
    A. Test-Retest reliability
    B. Content validity
    C. Construct validity
    D. Criterion validity
    E. Alternate-forms reliability
    11. The simple answer to the question “What is ethical research practice?” is:
    A. Making sure no harm is caused to subjects
    B. Never using deception
    C. There is no simple answer
    D. Being sure to compensate human subjects for their participation
    E. Only using children in an obviously ethical manner
    12. Reliability means that if you ask someone their weight today and then ask someone their weight the next day and they consistently answer the same measurment, then the question is reliable.
    13. What is wrong with the following question’s response categories: How often to you attend live music concerts: never, 1–2 times per week, 2–5 times per week, 5 or more times per week.
    A. Not mutually exclusive
    B. Not exhaustive
    C. Not a numerical level of measurement
    D. Not reliable
    E. Both a and b
    14. When magazines and websites create surveys that readers or visitors to the website can choose to complete, what type of sampling method is used?
    A. Stratified random
    B. Purposive
    C. Simple random
    D. Availability
    E. Quota