IHI 83


24 Which of the following is not usually considered as part of executive pay?
Merit pay
Stock options
Base pay
Long term incentives
Question 25
Which of the following is a physical benefit of having fun in the workplace?
Increased creativity
Reduced turnover
Reduced stress
Increased productivity
Question 26
In the video about fun in the workplace, you were introduced to the PAL model. L stands for which of the following?
Listen to your employees
Leaders lead the way
Link arms and have fun
Learn how to relax
13) This program makes for a more flexible workforce and increases workers’ appreciation of the other tasks that have to be accomplished for the organization to complete its mission.
Prosocial motivation program
Team building program
Job enrichment program
Job rotation program
Question 14
(C4) Countries with which kind of cultural dimension tend to have the flattest salary structures?
Long-term oriented
Short-term oriented
Question 15
(C4) Explanation, consideration, social sensitivity, and empathy are key determinants of:
perceptual justice.
interactional justice.
procedural justice.
alternative dispute resolution.
Question 16
(C4) Voluntary turnover of employees is:
not strongly related to job satisfaction.
a costly and disruptive phenomenon for organizations.
an example of a behavior change.
an example of psychological withdrawal.
Question 17
(C6) Strategically focused HR structures have the HR manager reporting directly to the CEO and the HRM functions divided into three divisions. Which is not one of the three divisions?
Field generalists
The center for outsourcing
Centers for expertise
The service center
Question 18
(C6) Evaluation helps determine whether the HRM function is meeting its objectives and effectively using its budget. This refers to
providing accountability.
marketing the function.
employee selection.
Question 19
(C6) In comparing and contrasting the HR practices of employers-of-choice, many forward-looking companies are trying to satisfy the diverse needs of employees by providing which of the following?
Cafeteria benefit plans
Paid sick leave
Defined benefit retirement plans
Worker’s compensation
Question 20
(C6) In preparing your term paper, you focused on the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America and assessed the practices of your chosen company and those of your classmates. Which of the following is most likely to be the cornerstone of why employers-of-choice made this list?
Global positioning
Diversity in workforce and customer bases
HR benefits
Technological advantage
Question 21
A development strategy that relies on interpersonal relationships where a senior person helps a junior or inexperienced person is called:
Organizational development
Question 22
Which of the following is most true about leadership development in companies known for their excellence in this area?
Leadership training is a formal program run by the HR department
Leadership development is a performance benchmark of the existing leadership team
Leadership candidates are left to show initiative and find development opportunities of their own.
Companies hire in people with proven leadership skills from previous jobs.