IHI 82


Which of the following is a physical benefit of having fun in the workplace?
Increased creativity
Reduced turnover
Reduced stress
Increased productivity
Question 26
In the video about fun in the workplace, you were introduced to the PAL model. L stands for which of the following?
Listen to your employees
Leaders lead the way
Link arms and have fun
Learn how to relax
Question 27
According to the SHRM 2010 Top Trends report, which is the top trend effecting HR from the perspective of the Technology and HR Management Panel?
Transformation of health care and emphasis on controlling costs
Increased need for disaster planning.
Portability of activities and information
Increasing demand to measure value of HR activities and human capital
Question 28
According to the SHRM 2010 Top Trends report, which is the top trend effecting HR from the perspective of the Employee Relations Panel?
Increased violence, bullying and theft in the workplace
Talent management across global boundaries
Increased consolidation and collaboration among unions in order to increase leverage
Companies investing in strategic initiatives including people, products, coaching.
Question 29
Which of the following is not a recommendation for melting the glass ceiling?
Gather data on problems causing the glass ceiling using task forces, focus groups, and questionnaires.
Make sure senior management supports and is involved in the program.
Make a business case for change and make the change public.
Establish quotas and hold managers accountable for meeting them
Question 30
A major assumption of using job experiences for development is that:
development occurs best when job demands involve obstacles and creating change.
development occurs only through promotions.
development occurs best when employees experience high levels of stress in their jobs.
development occurs when there is a mismatch between the employees’ skills and the skills required for the job.
Question 31
Under the doctrine of employment-at-will, who may sever the employment relationship?
The employer only
The employee only
The employer or the employee
The Department of Labor
Question 32
Which determinant of procedural justice states that procedures are applied by a person who has no vested interest in the outcome and no prior prejudices regarding the individual?
Bias suppression
Question 33
The key to finding the number of measurable satisfaction facets in operational contexts, where the main concern is retention, is making sure that scores on whatever measures taken truly relate to _____ among valued people.
involuntary turnover
voluntary turnover
internal turnover
external turnover
Question 34
Which of the following HR activities provides basic descriptive information on job attributes and the job itself?
Market survey
Job analysis
Strategic planning