IHI 71


Question 35 A broad band: Answer is a combination of pay grades that reduces the number of levels in a pay structure. refers to the distance between the minimum and maximum pay rate in a pay grade. is the salary range attached to white-collar jobs. reduces flexibility in assigning merit increases. 2 points
Question 36 In employees’ minds, a “frame of mind that mistrusts senior management’s intentions, doubts its competence, and resents its self-congratulatory pay” is the: Answer
trust gap. communication gap. subordination gap. compliance gap. 2 points
Question 37 Gainsharing can motivate employees as much as individual plans do because of:
Answer the controllable nature of the performance measure and the frequency of payouts. the level of employee involvement and management cooperation. the relatively simplistic performance targets and large payouts. the high levels of employee ownership and team-based compensation. 2 points
Question 38 In agency theory, the _____ seeks to direct the behavior of the _____.
Answer owner; principal agent; principal manager; agent principal; agent 2 points
Question 39 The compensation program that would best fit in any company regardless of its organizational structure or the independence of jobs is:
Answer profit sharing. skill-based. merit pay. incentive pay.
Question 40 The pay-for-performance program that does not use a bonus payment as a payment method is:
Answer ESOPs. profit sharing. a Scanlon plan. incentive pay.
Question 41 Which of the following is not a category of benefits programs?
Answer Social insurance Retirement Pay for time not worked Public group insurance
Question 42 Workers are eligible for unemployment benefits if they: Answer voluntarily quit a job. are out of work due to health reasons. were discharged for cause. have been working for at least one year.
Question 43 Which of the following is not typically a factor used to determine retirement benefit levels of employees under a defined benefit retirement plan?
Answer Years of service Number of dependents Age Wages or salary level
Question 44 What type of union security arrangement requires a person to join the union within a certain amount of time after being hired?
Answer Agency shop Maintenance of membership Open shop Union shop
Question 45 What percent of employers in a bargaining unit must sign authorization cards for the NLRB to hold a union representation election?
Answer 30 percent 50 percent 35 percent 51 percent 2 points
Question 46 What type of impasse resolution procedures is most widely used?
Answer Mediation Fact-finding Arbitration Strikes
Question 47 The Japanese criticism of management practices in the United States illustrates the differences in:
Answer uncertainty avoidance. power distance. long-/short-term orientation. masculinity-femininity values
Question 48 According to one study of international assignees, the most important selection criteria/criterion is
Answer flexibility and adaptability. job knowledge and motivation. family situation. relational skills.
Question 49 The audit approach for evaluating the effectiveness of HR practices focuses on
Answer determining whether the HR program/practice has the intended effect. Estimating the financial costs and benefits resulting from an HR practice. Reviewing the various outcomes of the HR functional area. Determining the dollar value of a program.
Question 50 Field generalists within the new, generic HR structure Answer have dual reporting relationships to both the head of the line business and the head of HR, although the line business tends to take priority. are responsible for the traditional areas of HR, such as recruitment, selection, training, and compensation. consist of individuals who ensure that the transactional activities are delivered throughout the organization. act as consultants in the development of state-of-the-art HR systems and processes for use in the organization.