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Factors that would be included in a SWOT analysis would include all of the following EXCEPT
projected inflation rate for the next year.
potential changes in union organizing legislation.
the proportion of the available workforce who will be under age 30.
innovations in payroll processing technology.
Which of the following is TRUE about the U.S. educational system?
U.S. schools are graduating more engineers than can be used in the economy.
U.S. students outperform students in other, directly-competitive nations in math and science.
Wages are low in the U.S. manufacturing sector because of the excess number of people with manufacturing skills seeking jobs.
The U.S. education system is not generating the types of qualified workers needed in the economy..
In organizations, in order to decide whether certain behavior is ethical or not, a person must answer all the following questions EXCEPT
Does this behavior conform to typical behavior by employees of competing organizations?
Does this behavior meet all applicable laws, regulations, and government codes?
Does this behavior meet organizational standards?
Does this behavior meet professional standards?
All of the following types of organizations fall under Title VII EXCEPT
private religious educational institutions.
private employers of 15 or more persons.
agencies of the federal government.
national labor unions.
A/an ____ is issued by the president of the United States to provide direction to government departments on a specific area.
federal mandate
presidential directive
legislative initiative
executive order
In order to calculate the wealth created per employee, one must divide ___________ by the organization’s full time headcount.
shareholder’s equity
net profit after taxes minus cost of capital
revenue minus (operating expense minus (compensation plus benefits cost))
value of gains from productivity improvement for the time period
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Organizational productivity for the local Meals on Wheels charity ultimately affects the organization’s
total costs.
total revenue.
Typically, the largest controllable expense in the organization involves
executive salaries and bonuses.
technology software and hardware.
the employees.
raw material input.
ROI is the organization’s
return on interest.
return on innovation.
return on investment.
return on intangible assets.
Which of the following activities would NOT fall into the risk management function of HR?
Sending all employees a text message requiring them to report in to a designated individual after an earthquake affects the city in which the company’s plant is located.
Negotiating with a representative of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about appropriateness of a measure to reduce harmful gases in a mine.
Requiring employees to purchase a minimal level of life insurance when they are deployed overseas.
Designing policies and procedures for a shipping firm to handle episodes of piracy and employee hostage-taking..
Backroads Merchandise, an Oklahoma-based manufacturer of outdoors and sports products, is facing a pronounced downturn in business due to lower-priced products from foreign competitors. Top management is concerned that this will be a permanent or long-term problem and they have decided to reduce the number of employees. The CEO has conferred with the director of HR to learn which method of reducing the workforce will be received better by both the employees leaving and the employees remaining behind. The CEO also wishes to minimize the cost of the reduction process. The director of HR has suggested the use of
layoffs with the option of re-hire when business revives.
voluntary separations with severance.
greater use of contingent workers.
attrition combined with a hiring freeze.
Which of the following examples would most likely NOT be considered evidence of age discrimination?
Bob is a retired engineer who works part-time as sales staff at a “big box” home center. The store manager refers to Bob as “Grandpa Bob.”
A modeling agency has sent an 52-year-old man to pose for a photo shoot for a teen-oriented product line. The shoot director was over heard to say on the phone, “What were you thinking? I gave you our target customer profile!”
When James was sent to classes to update his computer skills, his supervisor commented that she was sure “old dogs could learn new tricks.”
The HR managers at a non-profit organization refer to the informal policy of laying off the most senior and highly-paid employees first as the “age before beauty” policy.
Trunkline Chemicals is considering opening a manufacturing plant in Vietnam. As director of HR, you assign a committee of HR staff to investigate all of the following factors EXCEPT
the role and nature of labor unions in Vietnam.
the stability of the political environment in Vietnam.
Vietnamese laws regarding compensation.
whether the change in manufacturing location will be profitable in the short-run.
COBRA is a lifeline for employees who have been laid off because
it continues the employee’s medical benefits for up to 18 months at the employer’s expense.
the employee is able to continue medical benefits for at least 18 months if he/she pays the cost of the insurance.
it allows employees to buy into the Medicaid program for up to 18 months.
it transfers the employee’s medical benefits from the employer’s group policy to an insurance exchange for a discounted fee for up to 18 months.
When HR is viewed negatively in an organization, the complaints are typically expressed as
High-level HR managers being overly focused on results rather than activities.
HR managers being excessively focused on their gatekeeping roles.
HR managers viewing themselves as organizational change agents.
the HR function being too heavily involved in forming organizational competitive strategy.
The landmark case that established the importance of disparate impact as a legal foundation of EEO law is
Adarand Constructors v. Pena.
Griggs v. Duke Power.
University of California at Davis v. Bakke.
McDonnell Douglas v. Green.
IAs a senior member of the HR department at TransOceanic Industries, Abigail realizes that the firm’s upcoming merger with its main competitor, Amorphous Sea Ventures, will result in challenges in the year ahead. Abigail
recognizes that cultural clashes will be minimal since TransOceanic and Amorphous are in the same industry and have similar product lines.
realizes that she needs to design programs for retaining key talent in the aftermath of the merger.
anticipates that the two HR departments will continue separate operations since TransOceanic and Amorphous have much different HR systems.
there will be a reduction in voluntary turnover at executive levels as key employees engage in a power struggle.
________________ is the assessment of internal and external conditions that affect the organization.
Data mining
Environmental scanning
Labor market analysis
Strategic planning
The most common area for HR specialization is
EEO compliance.
labor/management relations.
HR information systems.
A practice necessary for safe and efficient organizational operations is called a/an
economic viability requirement.
business necessity.
prerogative of management.
bona fide occupational qualification.
Under the balanced scorecard approach, an organization’s performance is measured using all of the following categories EXCEPT the ____ perspective.
learning and growth
internal business processes
Angelo is a native-born U.S. citizen. He speaks Italian, English, and French fluently. He has lived and worked in both Italy and France and has an MBA from a prestigious U.S. university. Angelo’s friends describe him as “incredibly cosmopolitan” and a person who “blends in like a native wherever he is.” Angelo would probably be a good candidate for a company looking to build its international business using ______________.
global technical experts.
expatriate employees.
an ethnocentric approach.
host-country nationals.
A tweet would be most appropriate to send out
confidential company data.
an explanation of the reasons behind a mass layoff.
notification to the next-of-kin that an employee had been killed in an accident.
an alert about a policy change needing immediate implementation.
You are the recruiter for an ophthalmologic products company. Your firm needs a scientist with a highly-specialized background. You have been unable to lure any scientist with the needed qualifications to your firm, even though you have offered a very high salary. After intensive searching, you have found a Canadian-educated, Peruvian scientist with impeccable credentials who is interested in moving to the U.S. Which problem are you most likely to encounter?
The inability of the scientist to adapt to the U.S. work culture.
Tight immigration quotas for highly skilled workers.
Your current scientific employees fearing that their work will be outsourced overseas.
The difficulty in meeting the salary expectations of the Peruvian scientist.
To avoid a charge of retaliation against employees who file discrimination charges the organization must do all of the following EXCEPT
instruct supervisors that any discipline or warnings against an employee who has filed a discrimination case should be verbal and not documented.
take appropriate action if supervisors retaliate against employees who file a discrimination complaint.
thoroughly investigate any claims of retaliation.
train supervisors what retaliation consists of.
The ____ sponsors the most well-known certification program for HR generalists.
Human Resource Certification Institute
International Personnel Management Association
World at Work Association
American Society for Training and Development
Which is not one of the major challenges currently facing HR managers?
motivating employees without pay raises and promotions
changing federal, state and local legal requirements
adjusting benefit programs due to increasing costs
replacing “baby boomers” as they exit the workplace
All of the following are considered HR best practices EXCEPT
typing employee pay to successful performance
talent development so that employees can grow with the organization.
allowing workforce levels to fluctuate with product/service demand.
stringent hiring standards.
In a legal determination of whether discrimination has occurred, the ____ is most important.
psychological impact on the worker
state jurisdiction in which the alleged discrimination occurred
outcome of the practice on employees
intent to discriminate of the employer
The ____ allows victims of intentional discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, or disability to receive both compensatory and punitive damages.
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Americans with Disabilities Act
Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964
Executive Order 11246
Changes in U.S. demographics affects all of the following EXCEPT
consumer demand for products and services.
employee desire to have traditional, stable workplace policies and practices.
the need for creative and flexible management.
the number and quality of potential employees.
____ identifies paths and activities for individual employees as they develop within the organization.
HR development
Equal Employment Opportunity
Career planning