IHI 56.doc


1. If a cable insulation is described as RHW, you would be able to use the cable for what maximum temperature?
A. 860F
B. 1400F
C. 1670F
D. 1940F
2. Ampacity, or the maximum flow of electricity for a time period,
A. increases as wire number increases.
B. increases as wire diameter increases.
C. decreases as wire number decreases.
D. isn’t dependent on wire diameter or number.
3. The ease with which a material allows electricity to move is called
A. ampacity.
B. potential.
C. voltage.
D. conductivity.
4. The most widely used insulator for splices of smaller wires, like those used for devices, is
A. a wire nut.
B. solder.
C. friction tape.
D. a split bolt.
5. The ampacity of a No. 12 aluminum wire with RHW insulation installed in a raceway that has 19 other wires is
A. 15 A.
B. 18 A.
C. 25 A.
D. 30 A.
6. The diameter of a No. 6 wire is larger than a
A. 250 kcmil cable.
B. No. 12 wire.
C. No. 4 wire.
D. No. 2/0 wire.
7. Which one of the following types of wire can be used with the pressure terminals of a duplex receptacle?
A. Solid aluminum
B. Stranded aluminum
C. Solid copper
D. Stranded copper
8. A cable with a 0.6-inch diameter should have a minimum bending radius of
A. 0.6 in.
B. 1.2 in.
C. 3.0 in.
D. 6.0 in.
9. A conductor that’s described as a 750 MCM wire has an area of
A. 750 cmils.
B. 750 kcmils.
C. 750 in2.
D. 750,000 kcmils.
10. What size copper wire should be used for a 125 ft, 15 A branch circuit if a maximum voltage drop of 3.2 V is allowed?
A. No. 14
B. No. 12
C. No. 10
D. No. 8
11. The calculation used to determine amperage of a conductor based on the total number of conductors in a conduit is called
A. derating.
B. voltage drop.
C. conduit fill.
D. conductor fill.
12. Ideally, NM or armored cable should be installed in a wall stud at least how far back from the front edge of the stud?
A. 3/4 in.
B. 1 in.
C. 11/4 in.
D. 11/2 in.
13. An electric iron is plugged into a receptacle that has 110 V present. If the voltage loss from the panel to the receptacle is 6 V, the line voltage at the panel is
A. 104 V.
B. 110 V.
C. 116 V.
D. 120 V.
14. A conductor with a diameter of 100 mils has an area of
A. 0.00785 in2.
B. 0.01 cmil.
C. 100 kcmil.
D. 100 in2.
15. A single No. 10 copper wire with type THW insulation that’s used in free air with an ambient temperature of 1580F has an approximate ampacity of
A. 16.5 A.
B. 31.9 A.
C. 36.9 A.
D. 40.0 A.
16. When soldering a lug onto a copper wire, you would use
A. plain solder without flux.
B. both plain solder and an acid.
C. acid-core solder only.
D. rosin-core solder only.
17. What is the ampacity of a No. 3/0, THHN copper wire, in a conduit with one other conductor?
A. 175 A
B. 200 A
C. 225 A
D. 350 A