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The collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences and motivation of an organizational workforce is called
the organization’s talent inventory.
total human resources.
human capital.
the organization’s intellectual assets.
The largest professional organization for HR generalists is
the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA).
the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).
the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).
the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
Which of the following statements about organizational culture is FALSE?
The organization’s culture is seen in its norms of expected behaviors, values, philosophies, rituals and symbols.
An organization’s rules of behavior may not be beneficial and may limit the organization’s performance.
Organizational cultures are static, and tend to remain almost identical to the culture established by the founder.
Values determine how organizational members treat coworkers and people outside the organization
The extent to which employees feel linked to organizational success and how the organization performs positively is termed
employee engagement.
employee performance motivation.
employee morale.
employee organizational commitment.
In mergers and acquisitions, the HR planning process begins with
conducting due diligence.
addressing key HR processes..
analyzing the internal inventory of HR capabilities.
optimizing the workforce.
Cisco Systems HR department instituted ethics training based on the TV show American Idol. All of the following are advantages of this training technique EXCEPT
the ethics training can be available constantly.
employees are able to access the program during non-working hours.
the ability to reach large numbers of employees.
it facilitates face-to-face interaction of trainers and trainee-employees.
Benjamin is an American engineer who is a consultant with a German engineering consulting firm. Currently, Benjamin is assigned to a project in South Korea where he will live for the next year. Benjamin is a/an
host-country national.
emigrant worker.
third-country national.
The ____ allows victims of intentional discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, or disability to receive both compensatory and punitive damages.
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Americans with Disabilities Act
Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964
Executive Order 11246
Top executives of an organization truly view the top HR executive as contributing to the strategic success of the firm when they request the HR manager to
streamline the employee selection process.
improve the implementation of performance appraisals for supervisors.
evaluate potential merger candidates for organizational compatibility.
select a vendor for outsourcing benefits administration.
In order to ward off a complaint of discrimination, every requirement for employment must be
benchmarked against industry best practices.
approved by the EEOC.
consistent with past practice in the company.
directly job related for the position.
The federal government’s policy of ____________requires a covered employer to submit documentation of its attempts to narrow the gaps between the demographic composition of its workforce and the demographic composition of the labor markets from which it hires employees.
preferential selection
affirmative action
workforce balancing
desegregation of the workplace
Which of the following would be defined as retaliation under EEO laws?
A hospital demotes a radiology technician who has complained about ethnic discrimination.
An employer fires a supervisor who discriminates against a protected-class member.
A dismissed employee files a false complaint of discrimination against his former employer with the EEOC.
The EEOC targets an employer with a history of unlawful discrimination.
Employees who value _________ are most likely to be attracted to jobs allowing them to telecommute.
work variety
opportunities for early retirement
a fast-track promotion path
____ is a bundle of services provided to employees who have been laid off. These services give these former employees support and assistance in finding new jobs.
Worker retraining
Transition support
Woodmere Production Company employees over 2,000 hourly workers. The HR department is debating the introduction of web-based technology to handle employment applications, employee benefit enrollments and other related functions. The move to this technology will most affect the HR department’s ____ role.
employee advocate
The shared values and beliefs of an organization is its
social network.
ethical environment.
intellectual capital.
organizational culture.
In its broad sense, discrimination means
viewing people with different characteristics negatively.
recognizing differences among items or people.
illegal employment practices.
The major provision of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 is that
pregnant employees are to be given 12 weeks family leave without pay.
pregnant employees are entitled to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.
maternity leave is to be treated the same as other personal or medical leaves.
employers can not discriminate against employees based on marital status.
Fernando is an entrepreneur and his start-up company that provides small electricity-generating wind power for individual homes is growing. Fernando has asked you, an HR consultant, to help him set up HR systems for his company. Fernando is concerned that he will have to develop an affirmative action plan, and fears that this will severely restrict his ability to hire the kinds of employees he feels necessary. You tell Fernando that he will NOT have to develop an AAP plan as long as he does all the following EXCEPT
he does not take any government contracts over $50,000.
he keeps the number of employees under 50.
his company does not engage in discriminatory practices and does not have a history of such practices.
he keeps the company privately owned, e.g. the company stock does not trade on a stock exchange.
Griggs v. Duke Power
established the importance of proving discriminatory intent when an individual sues an employer for discrimination.
placed the burden of proof on the employer to show that the practice in question is actually a business necessity.
clarified that the employer’s past practices were not relevant in proving a discrimination complaint.
demonstrated that tests of intelligence are not discriminatory, even if they have a disparate impact on a protected class.
Recruiting and selecting employees for current openings are typical ____ HR activities.
employee advocacy
You are the director of HR for a medium-sized firm. You are looking to hire a benefits specialist. You would prefer the individual to be certified in this field. Consequently, you will check applicant resumés for these initials
Whether employees and managers of an organization behave ethically is fundamentally a function of
professional codes of ethics.
the relevant laws and legal guidelines applying to the organization and its industry.
the employee’s level of education.
the organization’s culture.
The country that has the highest hourly compensation for manufacturing production workers is
the U.S.
Considering the trends in HR, current HR departments compared to departments of twenty years ago would
tend to have larger staffs.
have more clerks than professional staff.
be less likely to be strategic partners with top management.
be more tightly linked with vendors of HR specialty services.
Emil is the assistant HR manager at a commercial construction company. Emil handles almost every aspect of human resources at the company, from employee questions about benefits to holding exit interviews. Emil is an HR
unit manager.
The ability of an organization to compete with other organizations for a sufficient supply of human resources with the appropriate capabilities is
evidence of organizational efficiency.
an indicator of the HR function’s effectiveness.
governed by the ability to offer job security.
one input to the environmental scanning process.
An HR best practice that most directly ties individual behavior to organizational strategy is
pay for performance.
stringent hiring standards.
flexible work arrangements.
talent development.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
The HR function in the organization is largely insulated from unethical behaviors.
The HR department is largely responsible for the unethical behaviors of employees in the organization.
HR management is the voice of organizational ethics.
HR management must focus on clearly illegal behaviors within the firm and leave ethics up to the conscience of each individual manager.
The most fundamental anti-discrimination employment law, the one that is considered the keystone for following legislation, is the
Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. constitution.
Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Executive Order 11246.
Equal Pay Act of 1963.
Which is not one of the major challenges currently facing HR managers?
motivating employees without pay raises and promotions
changing federal, state and local legal requirements
adjusting benefit programs due to increasing costs
replacing “baby boomers” as they exit the workplace
Which of the following HR functions is NOT included in a typical balanced scorecard analysis?
employee training
employee benefit programs.
mentoring programs
succession planning
To avoid a charge of retaliation against employees who file discrimination charges the organization must do all of the following EXCEPT
instruct supervisors that any discipline or warnings against an employee who has filed a discrimination case should be verbal and not documented.
take appropriate action if supervisors retaliate against employees who file a discrimination complaint.
thoroughly investigate any claims of retaliation.
train supervisors what retaliation consists of.
IBM builds work teams partly based on individual employees’ social networks. IBM collects data on employee social networks by
asking each employee to record his/her internal and external contacts in an HR database.
examining call records and emails of employees.
developing internal communication pathways called “spider webs.”
requiring employees to give HR access to their personal social networking accounts.
The position of vice-president of HR is open in a large paper-products manufacturing company. Two individuals are being considered, both from the internal HR function at the firm. The selection committee wants the new vice-president to be a strategic contributor to the firm. All of the following competencies are highly desirable EXCEPT
that the candidate understands the paper-products business in all aspects.
that the candidate be a highly detail-oriented person.
that the candidate demonstrate ethical behavior.
that the candidate be results-oriented.
Charlotte is describing her new HR position to a friend. She says that she handles most of the clerical duties involved in running the HR department, including such tasks as maintaining employee files and submitting governmental reports. Charlotte’s job would fall into the ____ HR role.
operational and employee advocate
The new CEO of the firm has told the vice president of HR that all HR activities must use the cost of capital as the benchmark against which their the returns from the activities are measured. The new CEO is implementing
the balanced scorecard
human economic value added (HEVA).
return on investment (ROI).
return on assets (ROA).
Backroads Merchandise, an Oklahoma-based manufacturer of outdoors and sports products, is facing a pronounced downturn in business due to lower-priced products from foreign competitors. Top management is concerned that this will be a permanent or long-term problem and they have decided to reduce the number of employees. The CEO has conferred with the director of HR to learn which method of reducing the workforce will be received better by both the employees leaving and the employees remaining behind. The CEO also wishes to minimize the cost of the reduction process. The director of HR has suggested the use of
layoffs with the option of re-hire when business revives.
voluntary separations with severance.
greater use of contingent workers.
attrition combined with a hiring freeze.
Which of the following would NOT be identified as a typical HR operational activity?
government compliance
safety programs
partnering with top executives
Accounting practices treat expenditures on human capital as
capital investments.
fixed costs.
Factors that would be included in a SWOT analysis would include all of the following EXCEPT
projected inflation rate for the next year.
potential changes in union organizing legislation.
the proportion of the available workforce who will be under age 30.
innovations in payroll processing technology.
Unit labor cost is a measure of
Henry, an upper-level manager at a software design firm, is talking informally with his colleagues over dinner. “The idea of quotas makes me uncomfortable,” he says. “I think that we should just treat everyone equally, regardless of how people vary from one another. A person is a person.” Henry is expressing the philosophy behind
affirmative action programs.
quid pro quo theory of employment opportunity..
the “blind to differences” approach.
racist and sexist organizational practices.
The main reason that HR metrics are difficult to compare across organizations is due to
fear by HR executives that their department will not compare well with other organizations.
the unique nature of each organization’s HR function.
the fact that most of this information is proprietary.
lack of consistency in HR reporting.
Which of the following is TRUE about the U.S. educational system?
U.S. schools are graduating more engineers than can be used in the economy.
U.S. students outperform students in other, directly-competitive nations in math and science.
Wages are low in the U.S. manufacturing sector because of the excess number of people with manufacturing skills seeking jobs.
The U.S. education system is not generating the types of qualified workers needed in the economy..