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Assignment 3 Graded Quiz
1. Conditions such as myocardial infarction and angina pectoris are included in which code category range?
A. 410–414 C. 400–410
B. 434–497 D. 417–427
2. A myocardial infarction that occurred three weeks ago should be coded to category
A. 413. C. 411.
B. 412. D. 410.
3. Don’t assign code 412 as a secondary code when
A. current ischemic heart disease is present.
B. the physician documents “healed MI.”
C. a previous heart attack is indicated by an electrocardiogram (EKG) and physician
D. a past MI is causing no problems for the current admission.
4. Which of the following is the appropriate coding and sequencing (if applicable) for a diagnosis of dementia without behavioral disturbance due to Alzheimer’s disease?
A. 294.1 C. 294.1, 331.0
B. 331.0, 294.10 D. 331.0
5. One of the patient’s diagnoses is listed as alcoholism in remission. Which of the following codes should be reported for this condition?
A. 303.03 C. 303.93
B. 305.0 D. V11.3
6. A right-handed patient has right-sided hemiplegia from a current, unspecified CVA that clears before patient discharge. Which of the following could be the correct code assignment(s) and sequencing (if applicable)?
A. 436 C. 438.21
B. 436, 342.91 D. 438.21, 342.91
7. Bacterial meningitis due to pneumococcus infection should be categorized to
A. one code.
B. two codes.
C. three codes.
D. no codes until the physician is queried for more information.
8. Code seizures and convulsions to category
A. 345. C. 436.
B. 780. D. Need more information
9. Which of the following are examples of codes that can be assigned to the same patient for the same encounter?
A. 507.0 and 480.9 C. 496 and 493.2
B. 491.20 and 491.21 D. 506.0 and 506.9
10. When a patient is admitted in respiratory failure due to an acute, nonrespiratory condition, which of the following actions should the coder take?
A. Code respiratory failure as the principal diagnosis and sequenced first.
B. Code acute, nonrespiratory condition as the principal diagnosis and sequenced first.
C. Code respiratory condition causing the respiratory failure as the principal diagnosis and sequenced first.
D. Query the physician for appropriate sequencing