Ignition system

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The operation of the waste-spark ignition system is being discussed. Technician A says the spark that occurs on the exhaust stroke is called the “waste spark” because it does no useful work, being used only as a voltage path for the secondary winding of the ignition coil. Technician B says even if there’s only one defective spark plug wire or spark plug, two cylinders may be affected. Who is correct? A. Technician B B. Neither Technician A nor B C. Both Technicians A and B D. Technician A Diesel fuel intended for use on the streets and highways is A. green. B. yellow. C. red. D. blue. All of these components trigger or control the ignition module except for the A. crankshaft sensor. B. pickup coil. C. ignition coil(s). D. computer. What can be used to measure the alcohol content in gasoline? A. Either a graduated cylinder or an electronic tester B. Electronic tester C. Scan tool D. Graduated cylinder Which of these input sensors is used to calculate the amount of air volume delivered to the engine? A. AIT (air intake temperature) B. TP (throttle position) C. MAF (mass air flow) D. MAP (manifold absolute pressure) _______ describes how input voltage signals received by a computer are handled through a series of electronic logic circuits maintained in its programmed instructions. These instructions are used to change the input voltage signals, or data, into output voltage signals, or commands. A. Writing B. Input C. Processing D. Output After removing the vacuum hose from the fuel-pressure regulator, you see gasoline has dripped out of the hose. Technician A says that the fuel pressure regulator is defective. Technician B says that one or more of the injectors may be defective, causing the fuel to get into the hose. Who is correct? A. Technician B B. Technician A C. Both Technicians A and B D. Neither Technician A nor B A technician is checking the operation of the electronic throttle control (ETC) system using a factory or factory-level scan tool. To perform this test on a Chrysler vehicle, you would use the “throttle follower test” as shown on the scan tool. Which of the following is needed to perform this process? A. An assistant to check that the throttle plate is moving B. Nothing—the throttle will perform a self-test by closing and then opening. C. A running engine D. An assistant to hold open the throttle plate Two technicians are discussing engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor diagnosis. Technician A says that the correct function of an ECT sensor depends on having a properly filled cooling system. Technician B says that the voltage measured on the ECT signal wire should be low when the engine is cold and high when the engine is hot. Who is correct? A. Both Technicians A and B B. Technician A C. Neither Technician A nor B D. Technician B The absence of any mechanical linkage between the throttle pedal and the throttle body requires the use of a _______ motor. A. DC B. stepper C. throttle D. AC An oxygen sensor is being tested with a DMM using the min/max function. Technician A says that a good oxygen sensor should be able to produce a value of less than 100 mV and a maximum voltage above 900 mV. Technician B says that you should replace any oxygen sensor that fails to go above 700 mV or fails to go lower than 300 mV. Who is correct? A. Technician B B. Both Technicians A and B C. Technician A D. Neither Technician A nor B Technician A says that many port fuel-injection systems on four-cylinder engines use a simultaneous firing of injectors. Technician B says that sequential fuel injectors are timed and pulsed individually, much like the spark plugs are sequentially operated in firing order of the engine. Who is correct? A. Neither Technician A nor B B. Technician A C. Both Technicians A and B D. Technician B Normal throttle position voltage on most vehicles is about 0.5 volt at idle (closed throttle) and about _______ volts at wide-open throttle (WOT). A. 13.5 to 15.0 B. 4.5 C. 1.5 to 2.8 D. 2.5 A technician is back-probing the three wires in the mass air flow (MAF) sensor connector with a DMM. A poor ground is found at the MAF sensor ground wire. Which of the following is most likely the result of this poor ground? A. Leaner air/fuel mixture B. Richer air/fuel mixture C. Low battery voltage D. Low MAF sensor signal In the photograph above, the technician is A. installing a fuel filter. B. removing the fuel filter. C. checking fuel pressure. D. removing a fuel line. The opening of the throttle plate can be delayed as long as _______ milliseconds to allow time for the amount of fuel needed to catch up to the opening of the throttle plate. A. 90 B. 180 C. 60 D. 30.