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what type of sentence express a strong emotion ?

Only after the _____ of committing a crime is a person liable for criminal punishment under Anglo-American law.

Which of the following tests for attempt liability requires that a perpetrator perform all of the steps that he or she believed necessary to commit an intended offense?

usually, voluntary intoxication constitutes _____ for mens rea purposes.

When a defendant admits to the existence of all of the necessary legal elements for criminal liability but offers one or more legally recognized reasons why he or she should nonetheless be acquitted, it is called

Which of the following terms is defined as a criminal homicide that encompasses a killing done without intent to kill, and without such indifference to human life as to constitute implied malice, as a result of criminally negligent conduct on the part of the defendant?

In 1784, the English court first recognized the crime of attempt in the

The Model Penal Code (MPC) requires that a device _____ in order for a person to maintain nondeadly mechanical devices.

The time limit imposed by the year-and-a-day rule is a(n) _____ of criminal liability.

To establish premeditation and deliberation, many modern courts require

A(n) _____ is NOT an example of homicide.

The MPC uses the _____, which requires that a suspect must have done or omitted to do something that constitutes an important and sizable stage in the commission of a substantive offense.

Which of the following terms is defined as the release of an offender from incarceration prior to the expiration of the full term of incarceration, to carry out the rest of the sentence with conditions under the supervision of a corrections officer?