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1. Suppose you’re writing a letter and you recall a word you’d like to use, but you don’t know how it’s spelled. If you wanted to look up the word in a dictionary, you should use any of the following techniques except
A. looking up the word as you think it’s spelled.
B. using the first letter of the word and searching through all the entries under that letter.
C. looking up a related word that you can spell in search of clues.
D. writing the word the way you think it’s spelled to jog your recall.
2. Which one of the following sentences is interrogative?
A. I passed the entrance examination!
B. What will you do when the well goes dry?
C. The canned tuna is in the pantry.
D. Be so kind as to feed my dog.
3. What is the correct way to add the suffix hood to the word likely?
A. likeliehood
B. likehood
C. likelihood
D. likelyhood
4. Homophones are words that
A. sound alike but have different meanings.
B. are spelled differently but have the same meanings.
C. sound different but have the same meanings.
D. are spelled alike but have different meanings.
5. Which of the following is a complete sentence?
A. Since she was hungry, she had a snack.
B. Although Henry was unusually tall.
C. Even when the temperatures improved.
D. Because I had not slept for two nights.
6. What is the purpose of the following sentence?
I think it would be best to study the problem carefully.
A. It shows strong emotion.
B. It gives a command.
C. It makes a statement.
D. It raises a question.
7. What do you need to know in order to look up a word in the dictionary?
A. What part of speech the word is
B. How to pronounce the word
C. The first few letters of the word
D. How many syllables the word has
8. Which of the following is an example of an imperative sentence?
A. Did you go to the Laundromat?
B. A football field is a 100 yards long.
C. Whew! That was a close call!
D. Your assignment must be submitted on time.
9.What kind of fragment is “near the computer”?
A. Subordinating conjunction
B. Predicate
C. Independent clause
D. Prepositional phrase
10. Which of the following is a run-on sentence?
A. Holidays always go by too quickly since I get those days off.
B. They danced for hours; they never felt remotely tired.
C. Tomas was frustrated during class he forgot his book report.
D. The concert started and the music was incredible.
11. If you needed information from someone, what type of sentence would you most likely use?
A. Declarative
B. Imperative
C. Interrogative
D. Exclamatory
12. What is one way to turn this fragment into a complete sentence?
While the choir director was out of the room.
A. Add another subject to the sentence
B. Put an exclamation mark at the end
C. Take out the prepositional phrase
D. Remove the word while