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Wrapping a package to be mailed in a used brown paper grocery bag is an example of
A crime for which the death penalty may be imposed is
A. Violent rape b. Felony murder c. Negligent homicide

Which of the following factors most contributes to making the us criminal justice system so expensive? A. Rising crime rates b. To many prisons c. Large staffing requirments d. Inept cost managment

In 1970 the entire prison system in the state of____was declared unconstitional for violating the 8th amendment
A. Alabama b. Arkanas c. Georgia d. Maryland

Its debatable whether or not probation is an effective punishment and future dterrent in a rand study from california____ of offenders on probation were rearrested
A. 50 b. 55 c. 65 d. 70

About___percent of all federal offenders receive some form of spilt sentencing
A. 25 b.50 c.75 d.90