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What is ecology?
the study of relationships between organisms and the environment
the study of animal and plant population interactions
the study of the abiotic portion of the environment
the study of the bisophere?

Which is not considered a reef?

In general a plant located in arid climate will possess all of the following in order to prevent water loss EXCEPT?
waxy coating
decreased root biomass
decreased shoot biomass
increased root lenght

Which of the following statements lion cooperative living is false?
larger coalitions are composed of unrelated males
prides are composed of closley related females
first and second ranked males sire the majority of cubs
males taking over pride will practice infanticide

density is defined as?
the number of individuals within a population
the number of individuals per unit area
the distribution of individuals within a given area

dN/dt= rmaxN represents:
annual growth rate
geometric population growth
exponential popluation growth
logistic growth

A keystone species is one:
that makes up a very large population of total community biomass
that feeds on a very large fraction of all available prey species
that is fed on by a very large fraction of all predators in its community
whose feeding activites have a disporportionate effect on the structure of its community

the largest reservior of phosphorus is most ecosystems is phosphorus?
in the atmosphere
dissolved in water
in rocks and sediments
bound in animal tissues