Focus project

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This final research paper can be approached or organized as you choose (case study, essay, proposal…). For this assignment, write a paper related directly to the focus and content of this course to expand your understanding and knowledge.

Focus the project on leadership in one of the following areas:
The community college environment
The liberal arts college environment
The comprehensive university environment
The for-profit and/or online university environment
The corporate training environment
The adult and continuing education leadership environment
Specifically, some possible topics you might choose (framed within one of the contexts above) include “what happens” in an institution when there is a change of senior leadership; compare the styles of leaders and the influence of those styles in the institution chosen; identify reviews and critiques of emerging leadership theories/models; and then highlight successful leadership development programs.

This Signature Assignment will enable you to reflect upon your mastery of the course concepts within a particular higher learning context and focused on a particular issue.

Be sure to cover at least three of the following concepts in your paper:
Social context and the shaping of leadership
Critical needs for leadership in American higher education
Defining leadership and the expectations for academic leaders
Theoretical and conceptual foundations for understanding leadership
Alternative concepts of leadership
Equity issues in leadership: gender, race, age, class
The problem of power
Spiritual and ethical dimensions of leadership
Current issues and research in academic leadership
Improvement of leadership practice through action/reflection
Length: 12-15 pages, not including the title and reference pages