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Treating Addictions Behavior

This course offers you an opportunity to investigate, consider, and apply your learning to the complex challenge of treating addictions behavior which striving to create an opportunity for sustained recovery and addiction-free behavior. While professional intervention is highly contributory to this process, addicted individuals often benefit greatly from interaction and supportive communication with other addicts. Various group therapy and twelve-step programs offer a safe environment in which such interaction can be facilitated and encouraged.

In your Unit 6 Assignment, you explored your community’s resources and selected a specific organization to investigate and visit. For your Unit 9 Final Project, please share your observations and learning from your visit.

After discussing your experience and applying your observations to your previously explored consideration of the group’s treatment framework, illustrate how the biopsychological treatment model is applied in the group’s treatment orientation. How have your thoughts about this group’s orientation to addiction treatment changed following your personal visit?

Next, locate an appropriate case study from your textbook and academically share the individual’s recovery experience. Discuss the treatment experience so that you illustrate your enhanced understanding of the treatment and recovery process as a result of both your visit to the organization as well as your course room explorations.

By applying the individual’s experiences, you will be displaying the process used by this organization as well as how an individual may be personally impacted both positively and negatively by this treatment experience. Include any appropriate discussion of other professional intervention that you may be aware of.

Note that your selected case study should represent a client which you feel would be specifically well served by the organization you have observed. You may need to embellish the information contained in the case study in order to fully illustrate the group’s orientation to addiction recovery as applied by the organization you have selected.

Finally, what is your impression of twelve-step treatment programs after your experience? When might you rely upon this treatment option as an addictions counselor? Discuss how this treatment orientation responds to professional ethical and legal challenges. When might you be reluctant to do so? How do you see this process as contributory to sustained addiction-free behavior following treatment?

Your paper will require a minimum of three pieces of credible academic research in support of your observations and discussion. Each citation must be presented in appropriate APA format.

Your Unit 9 Final Project should be presented in the form of a well-written university-level document. It should be approximately 2,500–3,000 words, double-spaced, and created in 12 point font. All work should be in the student’s own words with quotes used very sparingly. Please be sure to answer every question within the body of your paper including at least two references in support of your observations and conclusions using proper APA citation and reference formatting.