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Question 1

The central disagreement in the debate between pluralist and elitist theories concerns: A. whether elites exist.B. whether the elites are representative and competitive.C. whether people directly participate in the political game. D. whether elites seek to depress voter turnout.
Question 2
The Council on Foreign Relations publishes which “must read” journal?A. The EconomistB. National JournalC. Washington QuarterlyD. Foreign Affairs
Question 3
Two essential elements of pluralist theory are:A. elite conflict and mass consensus on all issues.B. consensus and elite agreement.C. compromise and conflict.D. consensus and conflict.
Question 4
Which of the following is considered a power elite theorist?A. Robert DahlB. C. Wright MillsC. William GreiderD. Both B and C are correct.
Question 5
According to __________ of pluralism, powerful elites may prevent important issues from reaching the __________ arena for a decision.A. critics; publicB. critics; privateC. supporters; publicD. supporters; private
Question 6
The idea that politics is divided into separate policy arenas dominated by narrow elites is found in:A. pluralism.B. elitism.C. consensus politics.D. plural elitism.
Question 7
In the power elite approach, power comes mainly from:A. individuals.B. institutions.C. the mass public.D. Congress.
Question 8
The __________ campaign used Internet social networks to broaden its grassroots support and involvement.A. ClintonB. BushC. ObamaD. None of the above
Question 9
“In the United States the political stratum does not constitute a homogeneous class with well-defined class interests.” This assertion is associated with the __________ approach.A. pluralistB. power eliteC. plural elitismD. Hyperpluralism
Question 10
Which of the following is an important element of the power elite theory?A. Mass public opinion influences the power elite.B. Politics is a conflict between those with and without power.C. Power is held by a ruling class.D. Both B and C are correct.
Question 11
The shifting and close votes in Congress in 2009 on health care reform that responded to positions staked out by industry, labor, and professional interest groups are a good example of:A. control of the debate by power elites.B. the dynamics of pluralism in action.C. the stagnation caused by hyperpluralism.D. how completely unions control majority Democrats.
Question 12
In the pluralist model, “bargaining results in a series of compromises that become:A. another series of compromises.”B. the basis of a new political consensus.”C. public policy or other political decisions.”D. the basis for incumbent reelection.”
Question 13
The power elite theory is:A. a theory of the political left.B. a theory of the political right.C. held by both the left and right.D. held only by political scientists in colleges.
Question 14
__________ argue that members of the Council on Foreign Relations do not represent the varied interests in American society.A. Members of CongressB. Members of the HouseC. Presidential candidatesD. Power elite supporters
Question 15
Which of the textbook case studies provided an example of successful pluralist participation?A. The response to 9/11B. The fall of racial segregationC. The use of the Internet by Howard Dean’s campaignD. The administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina
Question 16
Barack Obama’s presidential campaign grassroots organizing effort using the Internet’s variety of social-networking tools is considered:A. an example of the manipulation of the masses by elites.B. an example of the presence of pluralist dynamics in national elections.C. to have played a very small role in his election.D. to have been an effective means of drawing large donors into his network.
Question 17
According to pluralistic theory, people get power through:A. voting.B. joining the military-industrial complex.C. becoming a member of a group(s).D. joining a revolutionary party.
Question 18
Under pluralism, a member of two interest groups competing over an issue such as health care or the environment would likely:A. resign his or her membership from both groups.B. decide to remain neutral on the issue.C. try to have both groups reach a compromise.D. pick one side in the conflict.
Question 19
Politics is compared to the “original primitive game of football” because:A. there are few rules of behavior and conduct attached to politics, so participants can do anything to achieve political results.B. the football audience (the public) is free to join in the game.C. increasingly, the “game” of politics is scarred by violence directed at elected officials.D. it pits small towns against one another.
Question 20
Conspiracy theorists generally __________ the view that government is a reflection of group compromises.A. acceptB. rejectC. supportD. undermine