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1. After assessing the market growth potential and market competitiveness for his company’s baby products in Mexico, Harmon wanted to evaluate market access. To do this, Harmon would consider
A. ease of accessing or developing distribution channels and brand familiarity.
B. the number of competitors, entry barriers, and product substitutes.
C. the current size of the market and the expected growth rate.
D. ease of pricing control and number of promotional outlets.
2. Greta is concerned that one of the potential market segments she has identified for her dog grooming
service is too small and doesn’t contain sufficient buying power. Greta is concerned with whether the
segment is
A. reachable.
B. profitable.
C. substantial.
D. responsive.
3. When the market research problem isn’t clearly defined, a researcher should engage in _______
A. syndicated marketing surveys
B. quantitative
C. qualitative
D. data mining
4. Karen has identified four potential market segments for her Rent-A-Chef home meal catering service.
The next step is to
A. develop a positioning strategy.
B. evaluate the attractiveness of each segment.
C. categorize each market segment by consumer demographics.
D. decide whether to use undifferentiated segmentation.
5. Jaleel is the marketing manager for a moderately well-known rock band. He wants to know more about industry trends, including sales by different musical styles, online downloads, and concert attendance. Jaleel will most likely use _______ to gather this type of data.
A. sales invoices
B. observation
C. syndicated data
D. focus groups
6. Omar is responsible for marketing and marketing research for a midsized manufacturer of assemblies for the housing market. His boss has asked him to cut back expenses, especially in marketing research: “Why can’t you just use information off the Internet? There’s plenty out there.” What is Omar’s best response to try to get his boss to change his mind?
A. “I’d rather not use any data at all than use secondary data.”
B. “You should never use any information from the Internet in marketing research.”
C. “This secondary data may not be as timely, accurate, and relevant as we need.”
7. If a firm has geodemographic and purchasing information about its customers, the firm can effectively
use data mining techniques to
A. quantify unstructured survey question responses using geographic statistical simulations.
B. tailor separate marketing programs for different geodemographic segments.
C. understand psychographic motivations.
D. create new customer surveys.
8. Marketing researchers (both ethical and not) have found it more and more difficult to get quality
information, especially about sensitive topics. Responsible marketers know they must _______ to get
reluctant respondents
B. it more difficult for market researchers to gain cooperation from respondents.
C. data mining easier.
D. government regulations covering market research more flexible.
12. Victor’s custom auctioneering service provides online auction selling assistance. Victor wants to
determine which auction site is best for his customers. To address this question, Victor should next
A. identify the type of data he needs to have.
B. outline the presentation format he’ll use.
C. collect data.
D. determine which statistical procedures he’ll use.
13. Assuming a market research study will reduce uncertainty associated with a proposed project, which of the following is the next major question that needs to be addressed before starting the study?
A. Is top management committed to the study?
B. How will the questions be defined?
C. Will observation research be considered intrusive?
D. How will the results be presented?
14. Travel marketers know baby boomers represent a huge demographic segment. They also know baby
boomers are heavily motivated by self-fulfillment, which creates the possibility of _______ segmentation.
A. psychographic
B. benefit
C. self-concept
D. geographic
15. When Penguin Catering Services first opened, the owner decided to target only events at nearby
resorts. Penguin Catering was using a _______ targeting strategy.
A. concentrated
B. micromarketing
C. benefit
D. differentiated
16. Alex has found that investment real estate buyers and residential real estate buyers both respond
positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified _______ that respond similarly to his marketing efforts.
A. market segments
B. mass-customization consumers
C. self-concept customers
D. geographic segments
17. If detailed customer information is kept over a period of time, a company may be able to construct an important measure of a customer’s profitability known as
A. customer earning potential.
B. primary customer profit.
C. customer net worth.
D. customer lifetime value.
18. Zan wants to collect considerable information about the current opinions of his 10 most important
customers. Zan will probably use the _______ research method.
A. in-depth interview
B. experimental
C. social media monitoring
D. primary data mining
19. Adidas Group owns Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Norman brands. Adidas uses the different brands to
pursue a _______ targeting strategy.
A. concentrated
B. micromarketing
C. differentiated
D. benefit
20. As access to the Internet becomes nearly universal, it makes many potential market segments become more
A. substantial.
B. perceptive.
C. reachable.
D. identifiable.