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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question.
1. To break in a new air compressor, you should run it under no load for
A. ½ hour.
B. 1 hour.
C. 6 hours.
D. 12 hours.
2. The most common service problem on outdoor power equipment involves
A. piston rings.
B. start ropes.
C. fuel.
D. electricity.
3. It’s best to adjust an air blower’s carburetor by
A. first heating the air to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
B. making the initial adjustments with no fuel in the tank.
C. making all the adjustments before the engine warms up.
D. blocking off the air flow through the blower.
4. Foam-type air filters on air blowers and weed trimmers should be
A. thrown away after every 60 hours.
B. soaked in diesel fuel.
C. replaced with pleated-paper filters.
D. cleaned and oiled as specified.
5. A trash pump is designed to
A. fail after two consecutive hours of use.
B. move paper without water.
C. pass large solid particles.
D. have a small flow rate.
6. Which of the following would you likely use to check the performance of a water pump?
A. A dynamometer
B. A vibrotachometer
C. An oscilloscope
D. A vacuum pressure gage
7. The spark arresters on certain equipment
A. are optional.
B. use plastic screen mesh.
C. should be replaced if burned.
D. are usually too expensive to replace.
8. Electrical problems in outdoor power equipment usually occur
A. very rarely except in desert climates.
B. because of power surges.
C. only during the summer months.
D. from corroded connections.
9. The string head for a weed trimmer should be
A. exchanged for a blade replacement.
B. interchangeable among all models of trimmers.
C. equipped with four cutting lines.
D. fitted to the horsepower of the machine
10. Inexpensive tillers typically use
A. idler pulley clutches.
B. centrifugal clutches.
C. friction clutches.
D. no clutch. (They have solid drives.)
11. Which of the following will not help to start a snow thrower?
A. Synthetic engine oil
B. A 120-volt AC electric starter
C. A curved rotor
D. A battery warmed up with a trickle charger
12. On which scale should you set your ohmmeter when testing a safety switch for evidence of corrosion?
A. ×1
B. ×10K
C. ×100
D. ×1000K
13. The depth gage on a chain cutter should
A. typically be made of plastic.
B. be filed always from the outside to the inside of the gage.
C. be higher than the cutter’s top plate.
D. have a ramped, or rounded, leading edge.
14. Generators in the United States normally produce alternating current at
A. 40 cycles.
B. 50 cycles.
C. 60 cycles.
D. 70 cycles.
15. The heat dump valve on a pressure washer
A. warms the incoming water to provide better lubrication.
B. is used to cool inlet water coming from a hot water heater.
C. is installed in the pressure washer’s nozzle.
D. allows cool water to take the place of warmer water that’s continually recycling through the pump.
16. Which of the following wrenches should never be used to tighten an engine bolt on a small gas engine?
A. A combination wrench
B. An impact wrench
C. An open wrench
D. A box-end wrench
17. If a drive pulley is 4 inches in diameter and is turning at 1000 rpm, what would be the speed of an 8-inch driven pulley?
A. 500 rpm
B. 1000 rpm
C. 2000 rpm
D. 4000 rpm
18. Jet pumps can often be used
A. without being primed.
B. to pump air, fuel, and water.
C. for pumping slurries and trash.
D. to lift water from a depth of over 100 feet.
19. A loose sickle on a hedge trimmer can
A. cause the cutting line to break prematurely.
B. be tightened by bending the bar in a vise.
C. dampen any vibrations produced by the trimmer’s operation.
D. damage the machine’s transmission.
20. Worn V-belts should be
A. dressed with silicon spray.
B. snugged tight so that they fit all the way down to the axle of each pulley.
C. replaced in matched sets if they’re parts of the same system.
D. loosened to prevent any squealing.