Electricians Tools

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Electricians’ Tools
1. Which of the following metals is the best electrical conductor, but isn’t used in wire because of its
extremely high cost?
A. Copper C. Silver
B. Platinum D. Zinc
2. An electrician’s side-cutting pliers could properly be used to
A. shorten a 1
4-inch bolt. C. cut conduit.
B. splice two wires together. D. cut large nails.
3. Which of the following instruments can detect the presence of a voltage, but not the voltage level?
A. Clamp-type meter C. Multitester
B. Wattmeter D. Neon circuit tester
4. An electrical connection between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth is called a
A. neutral. C. short circuit.
B. ground. D. load.
5. If a wire has insulation that allows it to operate in a temperature of up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit,
what temperature will the wire operate up to in degrees Celsius?
A. 90 degrees Celsius C. 162 degrees Celsius
B. 108 degrees Celsius D. 351 degrees Celsius
6. Which of the following types of symbols would be used on an electrical drawing for a large machine?
A. Blueprint symbols C. Schematic symbols
B. Wiring symbols D. Pictorial symbols
7. In a distribution system that’s operating at 4.160 kV, what is the voltage level in volts?
A. 4,160,000 volts C. 4.160 volts
B. 4,160 volts D. 0.004160 volts
8. Which of the following tools should be used only for cutting wire?
A. A lineman’s pliers C. A longnose pliers
B. A multipurpose wiring tool D. A diagonal cutter
9. The Phillips screwdriver that’s most often used by electricians is size
A. #0. C. #2.
B. #1. D. #3.
Which of the following is the correct Ohm’s law formula?
A. R =
C. P = EI
B. I =
D. I =
11. Which of the following types of tool should be used only on round work, such as rigid or IMC conduit?
A. An adjustable wrench C. A pipe wrench
B. A diagonal pliers D. A tugger
12. In order to reach a roof that’s located 24 feet above the ground, the ladder used must extend to a
height of at least
A. 27 feet. C. 34 feet.
B. 31 feet. D. 39 feet.
13. In order for you to properly cut ½-inch EMT conduit, how many teeth per inch should a hacksaw
blade have?
A. 32 teeth per inch C. 18 teeth per inch
B. 24 teeth per inch D. 14 teeth per inch
14. Which of the following types of drill bit has several cutting diameters on a single bit?
A. A step bit C. An auger bit
B. A spade bit D. A masonry bit
15. Electricians should use ladders made of fiberglass rather than metal, because metal ladders
A. will mar the surface finish of electrical unit covers.
B. can magnetize an electrician’s tools.
C. conduct electricity.
D. can’t be painted.
16. The amp is the basic unit of electrical
A. current. C. power.
B. voltage. D. energy.
17. An example of a good electrical insulator is
A. copper. C. aluminum.
B. iron. D. rubber.
18. A multipurpose wiring tool can be used to
A. crimp terminals. C. solder wire.
B. tighten bolts. D. cut armor.
19. A clamp-type measuring instrument operates on the principle of
A. resistance. C. induction.
B. voltage. D. transformance.
20. A #1 Phillips screwdriver has a shaft diameter of
A. 1
4 inch. C. 1
8 inch.
B. 3
16 inch. D. 1
16 inch