Video Rental


In this project you will normalize a table of data (shown below) using the techniques you have learned thus far. Allow sufficient time to complete this project completely by following all directions.
Consider the following table of data for this project.
Date Out Last Name First Name Zip Title Video ID Shipment IDCityStateTotal Rental Wholesale Cost Rental ID Movie Dist. Cust. Acct. No.
   Code      Fee   ID ID
7/23/2000 Smith John 20783 Titanic V127 S076 Adelphi MD $3.00  $120.00  R100 M012 D006 C074
7/23/2000 Smith John 20783 Bambi V099 S076 Adelphi MD $1.25  $100.00  R101 M177 D006 C074
7/23/2000 Jones John 21113 Top Gun V006 S055 Odenton MD $0.99  $110.00  R102 M050 D003 C049
7/23/2000 Smith Bill 20783 Titanic V128 S075 Adelphi MD $3.00  $125.00  R103 M012 D004 C202
7/23/2000 Jones Bill 21114 Scream V299 S050 Crofton MD $2.75  $109.00  R104 M180 D006 C210
7/24/2000 Jones Jill 20783 Scream V300 S049 Adelphi MD $2.55  $110.00  R105 M180 D005 C211
7/24/2000 Jones John 21113 Scream V301 S049 Odenton MD $2.55  $110.00  R106 M180 D005 C049
7/24/2000 Smith John 20783 Top Gun V006 S055 Adelphi MD  $0.99  $110.00  R107 M050 D003 C074
7/25/2000 Jones Jill 20783 Bambi V099 S076 Adelphi MD $0.99  $100.00  R108 M177 D006 C211
7/25/2000 Smith Bill 21114 Titanic V127 S076 Crofton MD $3.00  $120.00  R109 M012 D006 C298
1) (1 point) What is the “theme” of this table (i.e., what is the primary purpose of the data in this table)?
2) (1 point) What normal form is this data in? Why?
3) (1 point) What is the primary key of this table?
4) (1 point) Draw a functional dependency diagram for this table.
5) (1 point) Determine the maximum set of 3NF tables that could be generated to minimize the data in the original table the most. Include tabulations (i.e., show the data) for your tables. Underline the primary key of each table. Circle the total number of tables you developed.