Assignment 3: Concept Essay
An important aspect of studying is the idea of internalizing what you are reading and making it your own by finding similarities and differences of the material studied with some concepts with which you are familiar.
Select one particular concept you have studied this week and write 200–300 words about it in the form of an essay. This should include:
• Briefly introduce the concept in your own words. Include any vocabulary necessary for understanding the topic.
• Compare this concept to something else that you have already encountered.
• Add suggested readings for further study on the topic.
• Add questions to your classmates for further analysis of the subject.
• Comment on the posts of at least three classmates.
All the work should be your own. Any type of plagiarism will not be condoned.

Cite any sources you use in the APA format.
Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Introduced the concept in your own words in a manner that is coherent and accurate. 10
Compared the concept to other things you have encountered. 10
Included questions, vocabulary, and suggested reading. 10