Revision Strategies

Apply deep revision strategies to the essay given here (“Achieving Perfection: Willingness to Change is the Start”). Deep revision analysis involves: – Devising a new thesis, or focus statement that is perhaps more creative or simply more well-defined; – Revising the body paragraphs of your paper to more overtly connect them to the thesis statement; – Adding new supporting arguments that incorporate new rhetorical strategies (description, narration, compare/contrast, definition) – Revising paragraphs that contain more than one supporting argument (see this week’s recommended reading on paragraph development) – Constructing a new conclusion – Length: Approximately 1500 words – Additionally, after the revision is done, add another section, and craft a short reflection description (one to two paragraphs) describing the changes and transformations you made in undertaking this deep revision. This will also include information about your surface editing efforts. — this is an important part so add this section at then end titled “Reflection description”