Write the flowchart and pseudo-code ONLY to produce a Weekly Payroll Report. Include the three modules for housekeeping, details, and end of job. Do not need actual print-out reports. Low level pseudo-code, no specific programming language.

INPUT: to be read from file. Read employee records until end of file is reached. The fields will be as follows:







PROCESSING: If the Salary field is greater than zero, use its value for Gross Pay; otherwise, Gross Pay should be calculated as:

Gross Pay = Rate x Hours.

Overtime pay should be calculated as 1.5 x Rate for hours over 40.

Net Pay should be calculated as follows Net Pay = Gross Pay – Deductions

Deductions = Social Security + Medicare + Federal Tax + State Tax

Social Security is Gross Pay times .062

Medicare is Gross Pay times .0145

Federal Tax is Gross Pay times .1115

State Tax is Gross Pay times .049

OUTPUT(to a file): Print a payroll report Your report should include one heading line and, for each employee, a detail line displaying

EmpNo, Name, RegularHours, Overtime Hours, Rate, Gross Pay, Total Deductions, and Net Pay.

Include summary line(s) displaying overall totals for Gross Pay, Net Pay and Overtime Hours.

Finally, print three additional lines at the bottom of the report displaying the Average Gross Pay and the name of the employee who earned the most pay and the name of the employee who earned the least net pay. (80 pts).

Number Name Hours Overtime Rate Gross Deductions Net

1 Joe 40 0 8.00 320.00 75.84 244.16

2 Mary 40 5 7.00 332.50 78.80 253.69

Print summary lines at the bottom of the report indicating the total number of each type of employee (i.e. salaried, hourly, overtime). (20 pts)

Gross Pay Total: $1052.50

Net Pay Total: $803.06

Overtime Hours: 5

Number of salaried employees: 1

Number of hourly employees: 1

Number of overtime employees:1

Average Gross Pay: $350.83

Greatest Net Pay: Fred Least

Net Pay: Joe