Multiple Choice Answers

Which of the following is not a characteristic or feature of RSS?

A. Web feeds provided through RSS offer headlines, summaries, and links from sites in an XML file that can be viewed using software called a reader or aggregator.
B. RSS readers are software that monitors blogs or Web sites for new content.
C. RSS feeds dramatically cut down on the time it takes to search for information online.
D. With RSS and a newsreader, whenever there is new content, subscribers are notified of the availability of the new content, which they can then access by clicking a link.

The legal doctrine of respondeat superior holds employers liable for the misconduct of their employees that occurs within the scope of their employment

How does data management help to improve the productivity of managers and other knowledge workers?

A. By insuring that people can find what they need without having to conduct a long and difficult search.
B. By providing a central repository for customer and operational data.
C. By capturing real-time data and distributing it via corporate intranets and mobile devices.
D. By capturing and aggregating point-of-sale (POS) data.
Every record in a file should contain at least one field that uniquely identifies that record so that the record can be retrieved, updated, and sorted. This identifier field is called the___________ .

A. attribute
B. foreign key
C. primary key
D. secondary key
The characteristics of mobile computing are mobility and reach, which provide ubiquity, convenience, instant connectivity, personalization, and product and service localization.