Multiple Choice Answers

In a DBMS, _______ offers the ability to perform complicated searches with relatively simple statements.

A. metadata
D. schema
The underlying infrastructure for digital enterprises and e-commerce is _________.

A. intranets
B. networked computing
C. public networks
D. wireless networks
__________ are intra-organizational Web-based networks that facilitate information access and collaboration.

A. Extranets
B. Intranets
C. Virtual private networks
D. EDI networks
All of the following correctly define the networking technology except:

A. WAP is an Internet protocol developed for transferring information on the Internet to and from wireless clients.
B. EV-DO is fast wireless broadband access that runs in a Wi-Fi hotspot.
C. Instant messaging has become a mission-critical collaboration tool for over 130 million workers in businesses of all sizes.
D. Bluetooth is how mobile phones, mobile and fixed computers, and PDAs can be easily interconnected using a short-range RF wireless connection.
Transaction processing systems are critical because they support business operations, such as purchasing of materials, billing customers, payroll, and shipping.