Multiple Choice Answers

Which of the following is not true of SaaS (software-as-a-service)?

A. It is on-demand computing.
B. Users can access applications over a network, with an Internet browser being the only necessity.
C. It has become the way all software is sold, delivered and used.
D. It enables companies to meet fluctuating demands on IT resources efficiently.
At a strategic level, the totality of a company’s data resources is nearly irreplaceable. Yet data at this macro-level remains largely overlooked by corporate leadership.

Scanners read wireless signals from items that have ___________ that are either attached or embedded in them.

A. RFID tags
B. EDI tags
C. ATM chips
D. XML tags
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) refers to architecture that assembles small information systems, one for each business service, to create new applications, usually by using Web Services technology.

Bluetooth is a wireless standard designed for temporary, short-range data and voice connections among mobile devices.