Multiple Choice Answers

Microsoft releases _________ to update and patch vulnerabilities in its operating systems, including Vista, and other software products, including Office 2007.

A. firewalls
B. podcasts
C. service packs
D. workbooks
There are differences in the ways various search engines work. They each perform the following basic tasks except:

A. They search the Internet based on key words.
B. They are powered by intelligent agents.
C. They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
D. They allow users to search for words or combinations of words found in their index.
________ refers to the rules and processes to ensure that the enterprise follows accepted ethical standards, best practices, and laws.

A. Ant-fraud policies
B. Corporate governance
C. Enterprise systems
D. Organizational compliance
Which is not a major category of unintentional threats to information systems?

A. computer systems failures
B. environmental hazards
C. hacker attacks
D. human error
Many companies have implemented ____________ to enable managers and knowledge workers to leverage data from across the enterprise, thereby helping them make the smartest decisions.

A. data warehousing
B. database management systems
C. data modeling
D. metadata