Multiple Choice Answers

When faced with potential changes in organizational power from the implementation of a new IS, stakeholders tend to either consciously or unconsciously resist the implementation by delaying, sabotaging or insisting on the modification of system development.

Supply chain management (SCM) systems add value to ERP systems by providing __________ capabilities.

A. customer and product support
B. analysis and decision support
C. forecasting
D. project management

The activities of business process management consist of designing, analyzing, implementing, managing, and optimizing a process for both effectiveness and efficiency.

IT-implementation success and failure is influenced by each of the following factors except:

A. level of risk
B. user acceptance
C. user support
D. user training
Business performance management (BPM) cannot be achieved unless managers have methods to quickly and easily determine how well the organization is achieving its objectives, and how well the organization is aligned with its strategic direction.